Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Out. Of. CONTROL!!!

When Gordon went to use the gas grill the other evening, he opened the lid to discover this...

Needless to say, there was no barbecue that night. Deer-mouse burgers are not my favourite.

Perhaps this is a solution?


  1. Did you re-home him somewhere? At least he wasn't in your house!

  2. oh if only I had a small army of guys like this!

  3. HAHAHA...Occupy Knat's Farm!

  4. I found sunflower seeds in my running shoe last night. Mice in the front hall closet.

  5. Ha ha that's some mouse! You would never guess it was so large from the first photo.

  6. Probably one that found its way back home!
    Mouse:1- Nat:0.

  7. You've got to admit - that's a ridiculously adorable mouse!

  8. Elaine, he left of his own accord after we left the lid open! Probably moved into our house.

    John, I've got an army of them I could give you.

    Mo, EXACTlY!

    Ronna, it's amazing where the seeds show up, isn't it? I"ve had similar experiences.

    LBM, :)))

    Elisabeth, it no doubt moved into my kitchen.

    Wandering Cat, the deer mice are especially cute, I have to admit.

  9. Anonymous8:17 pm

    I'm gone for a few days and you have new residents!


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