Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Naomi and Alex, still in looooooove...


"Can't you see we're enjoying  our 'alone' time?"

"No, we won't get a room. Buzz off!"
 And our friend Margaret took this nice pic of me and Ronna at the art sale on Saturday...

I stole it from Ronna's blog! :)


  1. They love each other so much, those cute cats.

  2. I have lots of cat love going on here, too. That is such a nice photo of the two of you. Worth framing. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  3. I wish our two cats were that loving. The cats love the dogs, not each other. Very cute pictures!

  4. These cats could give lessons on cuddling (and giving dirty looks to interlopers).

  5. Anonymous8:56 pm

    All that love and the occasional mousey snack - those cats have a life most can only dream about!

  6. Ahab, it was love from day one. THey were even cuter when Naomi was a teeny-tiny kitten!

    Deb, Julius and Alex were having a bit of a war for a while, but they seem to have reached detente at last. They were sharing the loveseat today and yesterday, albeit at opposite ends. But Naomi loves everybody!

  7. Deb H.,before this I never had cats who loved each other. It's really cute!

    Cog DIs, if only they would earn their keep and catch some mice!


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