Sunday, November 06, 2011

Puppy love

Last weekend our friend Marie-Emmanuelle (mother to our future godson) came to visit, bringing along her 4-1/2 month old German Shepherd puppy, Jack. The newlywed Marie-Emmanuelle has been without her hubby Patrick for an entire month, as he was away in the US, doing training for his new job. They were happily reunited last Friday! But last Sunday, she came for a solo visit.

I am liking your new short haircut, Miss Marie!


Check out this cutie!


I seemed to end up with a lot of photos of Jack running at the camera!

The farm in all its mid-autumn glory. No snow yet!

Mr. Handsome!

I'm surprised he can't fly with those ears.

Jack is an excellent puppy with a wonderful temperament, and he is already very well-trained.

I love German Shepherds. I think I got that from my mother, who grew up with them and was always raving about them.

Jack decided to jump in the pond but judging by how fast he got out (and the look of surprise on his face), he wasn't ready for how deep it was!

Damp doggy.

He cautiously explored the Beaudette River at the back of our property.

It was beautiful in the late-afternoon light.

Spot the camouflaged pooch!

What a good boy!

We had fun playing with milkweed pods in the wind.

Jack loved the fluff!

Until he'd had enough of it all stuck to his face!

He's growing up to be a beautiful dog. What a great day!


  1. Nice post. Sweet dog. Great scenery!

  2. Anonymous10:09 am

    Aww. He's so pretty. Great photos! I love your slice of heaven - in any season.

  3. What a handsome pup!

  4. Love those ears! Love the sweet pup.

  5. What a sweetie. I bet he was in his element on your land!

  6. Oh my goodness, those ears! Lovely young dog, and what a beautiful area you live in.

  7. When Dusty was little we called them ALF ears. Too sweet!

  8. Jack is adorable and those ears are just too cute. Like Marie-Emmanuelle's shorter hair as well, hope she and the baby are doing well.

  9. "Ear-licious" is what he is! He had a blast running around the farm.

    Paula, Marie-Emmanuelle and baby are doing very well! :)


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