Thursday, November 24, 2011



Here are a couple more creations for our Art Sale this Saturday. I haven't put the backing on yet, so they aren't lying as flat as they should. I also need to de-lint all my fibre art!

I wanted to try drawing some cows. I used photos from my birthday visit to a dairy farm as reference. 

I just slapped these on my scanner; I need to take some real photos before the show. 

THe cows were drawn on vellum with pen and ink, then I added colour with thinned acrylic paint. Then I re-inked some spots, and sewed the drawing to the backing with embroidery floss.

The backing is needle-felted wool roving on felt fabric. I sewed in some beads, too and the hanging loops are beads on fishing line.

Got the idea for this technique from an article in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. My friend Ronna introduced me to that mag, and I really enjoy it!

If you're in the area Saturday, come to our show from 1 pm to 4pm at the Dunvegan Recreation Hall, 19053 County Road 24, Dunvegan, Ontario. It's an hour east of Ottawa, an hour west of Montreal. My friends Ronna and Holly will be there with me, selling their beautiful art, and Holly's talented hubby is going to play classical guitar! Plus there will be goodies baked by us three artists. 

Hope to see you Saturday!


  1. I hope you all have a brilliant and successful sale - it sounds as though it is going to be a wonderful event. You work is absolutely beautiful Natalie.

  2. Nat, I love these pieces. They're very charming.

  3. These are wonderful! I like that you beaded the loops for hanging too! Best wishes for a fabulous show and sale.

  4. I guess I better get there early on Saturday if I am going to have a chance at your wonderful cows. These are gorgeous.

  5. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Heck I admire your talent and all the things you do with it, and your energy with all the feeding and cleaning and blow-drying(?!) of animals. And as for Gordon and his sculptured toast? I feel ashamed of my lethargy now. I will try harder tomorrow.

  6. The cows are wonderful.

  7. Anonymous5:18 pm

    They're moo-velous!

  8. I love your cow art, especially the first one.

  9. Cool cows! You might consider selling them via your website.

  10. Elaine, thank you so much! We set up last night and I'm looking forward to the show today!

    Ronna, thanks!

    Paula, the beads are fun.

    Evlyn, I am looking forward to seeing you there.

    Andrew, get on that. ;) And I don't have enough energy for all the nonsense that goes on around here. I mean REALLY, how many times a month do I have to blow-dry ducks? Farm work is never-ending!

  11. Jenny, TTPT and LBM, thank you so much.

    Sightings, if they don't sell at the show, I will put them in my Etsy shop. (There's a link on the right side of my blog!)


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