Sunday, November 06, 2011

Oh come on!

I am lucky to get over 150 page views a day, but today Blogger says I've had 2,785 and counting. I refuse to believe it. Or maybe that Duck Limerick contest is WAY more popular than I thought!!!!


  1. It's not just me then.
    On a much smaller scale though, I've gone from about 30 to 300.

  2. Your duck limerick contest could be super-popular (which is perfectly plausible, given its coolness), or it could be spamming.

    I've experienced this several times myself, where I'll receive a large wave of hits from no identifiable source. One of my posts received 53 hits in the span of a few seconds last night, so it happened to me recently.

  3. WHile the duck limerick contest is doing well, I'm thinking SPAM! Things have finally quietened down!


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