Thursday, November 10, 2011

In the news again

This is pretty funny. I have been in newspapers twice in a week for my graphic design work. In 21 years of being a designer, I have never gotten so much recognition as I have here! Usually I am paid in silence, and that's the end of it. No fame! :)

This summer, we three local girls (all come-from-aways to Glengarry) worked on a calendar for the Ottawa chapter of the Osteoporosis Society of Canada. Bonnie co-ordinated everything and did the writing for the calendar. My friend Ronna did wonderful bone illustrations; only Ronna could make a bone whimsical! Check out more pictures from the calendar on Ronna's blog

This page always cracks me up:

That naughty, naughty smoking/drinking femur!


  1. Was a pleasure working with you. You coloured my drawings and made them so alive. Thanks!

  2. Obviously, the bones of the calendar look solid. But I like the way you draw vegetables, too -- you even make broccoli look edible!

  3. That's ROnna's handiwork. I just coloured 'em for her! SHe did a nice job on the broccoli! :)

  4. Twice in one week!
    You are getting more than your 15mn of well dererved fame! Enjoy it.
    Isn't it funny, the agency I work for produces the milk calendar for the Dairy farmers of Ontario.
    I guess we better drink our milk for strong bones!

  5. I hope all this fame isn't going to go to your head!

  6. I like the drinking/smoking femur, too. He looks like a real "bone vivant"!

  7. Anonymous11:45 pm

    A "bone-a" fide success!

  8. Elisabeth, I always loved that milk calendar. Haven't had a copy for years!

    Nice pun, TTPT! :)

    LBM, I will try to keep my ego in check. :)

    Evlyn, another good pun!

  9. You ladies are so talented! Lovely photo too!

  10. Thank you veddy much, CogDis! :)


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