Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First taste of winter!

We had our first taste of winter today! At first, the ducks refused to come outside. But then little "Danger Duck" took the plunge. She launched herself into the snow, then started eating it. Consider it was the first time the ducklings have ever experienced the white stuff, it didn't take them too long to get used to it.

"What the hell is this stuff?" Cold and tasteless, just like a Kardashian!" (Oops, low blow!)

Warren the Upper Canada Village duck (with the whacky wing) hunkered down outside for a bit, then spent most of the day in the nice, dry barn.

 There was  initially a certain lack of enthusiasm about the weather!

But before long, everyone was outside as per usual.

I offered snack bowl of scratch feed in the barn, which proved very popular!

It's all supposed to melt tomorrow when the temps warm up, but you just know there's more of the white stuff to come.


  1. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Well Hello Snow!

    It has not arrived here yet, and after last year's heavy and persitent falls I'll be happy if it can just stay over there with you.

  2. Anonymous5:38 pm


    I meant persistent.

    Don't tell Don QuiScottie :)

  3. Those look like some very happy ducks!

    That's so pretty. One of these days I'll see a lot of snow in person. (I just wouldn't want to drive in it).


  4. Poor duckies! No winter boots and scarves? No more flies to eat? No more swimming in the pool?

  5. Awww..their first snow day. How cute! Are they sick of it yet, like me?

  6. It looks beautiful, although the ducks do look a little less than enthusiastic!

  7. The ducks in the yard filled with snow
    Cavorted and put on a show
    Then all of the batch
    Took a crack at the scratch
    With their footsies lined up in a row

  8. We saw your comment on The Katnip Lounge's blog and came over to say hi, because we live in Kingston. :-)

    We're going to have a gander through your blog, no pun intended!

  9. I think little checked scarves are needed Natalie and boots.

    I'm feeling cold just looking at your ducks. Amazes me how they survive this sort of weather...........

    Can't imagine living with such extreme weather.........
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit.
    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  10. Andrew, IT'S COMING!! Send me chocolate or I'll tell Don QuiScottie about your error!

    Kristin, driving isn't so bad so long as put snow tires on your car and slow down! Black ice is the worst thing. Fortunately I don't see too much of it. It is beautiful here after a big fluffy snowfall.

    Claude, the duckies seem to be coping. The next day, when the temps warmed up, they all jumped in their the water bowls for baths! I took their big pool away but they still have a couple of rubber containers big enough for them to fit into.

  11. Deb, they seem to have taken to it like... ducks to water. :)

    Elaine, they seemed happier later in the day.

    Musical Gardener, VERY NICE!!!

    Fuzzy Tales, welcome! THere are cat pics here (and a fluffy orange tabby) so please do look around.

    Claire, the ducks are really well-insulated. Apparently you do have to watch their feet when it gets very cold (i.e. under, say -10C?) They can get frozen to ice, get frostbite, etc etc. You need a deep layer of bedding for them in the duckhouse so their tootsies stay warm. We'll give them heatlamps on the worst days too. The chickens are more susceptible to cold than the ducks.

  12. Anonymous8:42 pm

    I'm already excited for spring.

    "Cold and tasteless, just like a Kardashian!"

    That was beautiful, Natalie!


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