Thursday, November 03, 2011

They're at it again...

Naomi and Alex took over the dog beds the other day while the dogs were outside...

These are still the best dog beds we've ever had, from Gertie Gear (nope, not a paid endorsement! I just happen to LOVE them.) Eventually I am going to break down and buy the cats their own beds, as they make cat-sized versions of these. Naomi and Julius have been sneaking on them for ages, but Alex has only just discovered the pleasures of the inflatable dog bed.

 Later they decided that one bed was better than too. And Alex decided Naomi needs a thorough washing!

Licklicklicklicklicklicklicklicklicklick lickety lick!

"Can we have some privacy here?"

"Privacy? Please?!"

"Fine, let's just have a nap until she puts away the camera!"

"Hey! Don't get fresh with me, big boy!"

"Who, me? Oh come on, you know I'm a lover, not a fighter."


  1. Naomi's face cracks me up. Great looking beds. I don't blame the cats.

  2. Naomi has a wonderfully grumpy face and Alex looks so wide-eyed and innocent, is it an act? Fabulous cats, super beds, my two are deeply jealous!

  3. Boy, Naomi's face just speaks volume!
    They do make a lovely pair.

  4. Naturally, you are confused...ALL beds are Cat beds!

  5. Dog Beds? But they're only big enough for a cat to stretch out one comfortably.

    When Shirl lived at home she had a cat called Oscar. The family Doberman was bilked out of his bed most nights!

  6. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Those beds do look very comfortable.

  7. Cute photos! Thanks for the info about the Gertie bed. Great idea. I think Morgan would really love that bed. Me too. I used to love bean bags. Our dobes love them too, but they would scratch them and then I would have plastic beads all over.

  8. Katnip and Jams, I see your points.

    Callie, we have been very happy with these beds. They've been very durable and the denim covers I bought have stood up to many, many washings. The dogs really love them.


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