Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wee Chickadees

This weekend is our annual Art Fayre at the Glengarry Pioneer Museum in Dunvegan, Ontario, and I have been busy getting ready for that. I'm on the organizing committee, and tomorrow I get to record an announcement to be aired Saturday on CBC radio's In Town and Out morning show. Hopefully I won't sound like an idiot!

This year, I hooked a rug (wall-hanging) that was inspired by our birding trip to Amherst Island back in February:




Come join us this weekend! The Glengarry Pioneer Museum is an hour east of Ottawa  and an hour west of Montreal. Artist Vernissage on Saturday, Artist demonstrations (including rug hooking by me) on Sunday. Let's hope for beautiful weather!


  1. I can't wait to see the posts that follow. Best of luck this weekend and have a great time. Hugs, Deb=^..^=X4

  2. Wow, that rug is fantastic!

  3. Beautiful rug Natalie! You'll do great on the radio show and I hope to catch it!

  4. I'll be cheering when I hear you on In Town and Out on Saturday morning. Can hardly wait to see your other work in the show.

  5. You are looking rather formal in that poster Kantolee. Is that you in your typical working clothes?

  6. Very nice Knatolee. I see that the poster is giving Andrew urges!

  7. Deb, you have a GREAT wedding weekend!

    LBM, thanks so much. Our chickadees are like your blue tits, only less colourful.

    Vanilla Bean, I appreciate all your support and Tweeting!

    Evlyn, I am afraid I will sound like a total dork. But let's hope it gets people out to the show!

    Andrew, I always dress up for the studio. It's a pretty good beekeeping outfit, too.

    Jams, I think Andrew likes Victorian women.

    Wandering Cat, thank you!

  8. "Jams, I think Andrew likes Victorian women."

    They are about the right age for me now.

  9. Wow! That rug is totally amazing. Is it for sale at the Art Fayre?

  10. HWB, it was for sale at Art Fayre, but nobody bought it! I'll stick it on Etsy eventually.

  11. Come now, Andrew, I think of you as more flapper-era.

    Cog Dis, thanks!


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