Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Foreign Note and Kitty Pool

Two little tidbits...

I found this note on a bench in the Rideau Shopping Centre in Ottawa a few weeks back. I have been wondering every since what it says! Is it Russian? Can anyone translate it? And I love the little anchor drawing. Perhaps a passing Russian sailor left it there!

And in our basement, a new kitty litter "box" for the cats:

I got this brilliant idea from Katnip Lounge, where cats live in an earthly paradise on their Katio in the southwestern US (at least I think it's the US Southwest! Katnip Lounge can correct me if I'm wrong.)

We had three small litterboxes in our basement for our three poopfully-prolific cats. But three-legged Alex has always had issues with his aim in these regular-sized boxes. Apparently NO MORE, not with this marvellous kiddy-pool turned KITTY-POOL litterbox! It's about three feet wide and the cats appear to love it. THey still have one regular box down there, but I don't think it compares to this wondrous feline toilet. And best of all, when the basement floods in spring, the kitty-pool will float.

And that, my friends, is what's new around Knatolee's World!


  1. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Yeah OK, it will float, but will the kittys swim, or wade, out to it to use it? Has this been properly thought through? Is a floating pontoon needed for access?

  2. You clever Scotsman, I had of course NOT thought it through. What I need is a walkway, on pontoons, from the basement stairs over to the Kitty Pool. Back to the drawing board!

  3. Lol, the kitties will be swimming to go potty!!! I do love the litter box idea, though! And, I love the note! I'm curious what language it is!!!! Too very cool! It could be a super secret message, and now it's posted online for the world to see! :D

  4. I remember one of my first cat-sitting jobs I walked in to the house to meet the owner and cat/cats? when I spotted two of those being used as litter boxes. I asked with hesitation "how many cats are living here?" 15 she said shyly.....but none of them bite. I'll never forget that. Great idea and will be doing that here soon if Lily doesn't start aiming better.

  5. FANTABULOUS!! Our crew loves their litterpool, I hope your is an unqualified success as well.

    pee ess: We live in Las Vegas, the epicenter of culture...NOT.

  6. Love the loo for the kitty poo! Now you have me curious as to what that slip of paper says. Hope you find someone who can translate it for you.

  7. Nice post from a different world... Hello from India, my first visit here. Enjoyed my time!
    Have a great week ahead :)
    My Yatra Diary...

  8. That note is Greek to me!
    I have one question about the kitty litter pool - how will you empty it? It looks like it would be very heavy when full.

  9. Anonymous12:01 pm

    Indeed Evlyn, yet another aspect of this grand plan that has not been thought through, unless in the Spring flood Knat is going wade out pulling a little poop boat behind her, and another on (or another voyage) to refresh the litter. Sound like logistics may not be Knat's strongest point :)

  10. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Love the note, too. How the heck will you empty that kitty pool?

  11. Anonymous6:53 pm

    That notes looks suspiciously like some of the spam I get. ; )

  12. I think it says "I vill crush you". I remember it from Rocky IV


  13. You're note is driving me crazy!!! Any luck translating it??????

  14. Lynn, the cats LOVE the pool. They are spurning the other litter boxes now! I'm still waiting for a translation of the note, but my friends seem to be working on it. :)

    Deb, only three cats here but there's NO litter getting kicked outside the box now, and tripod ALex's aim is much improved. Eleven paws up!

    Katnip, I wish we'd done it years ago. Thanks for your great idea.

    Vanilla Bean, I am dying to know what all it says!

    Hi Arti! THanks for stopping by. I would love to visit India one day.

  15. Evlyn: snow shovel! :)

  16. Oh Andrew, ye of little faith. I won't be emptying it at all. That's what I have a Scottish HUSBAND for!!!

  17. CogDis, it was mall spam! :)

    James, I definitely like your translation best.

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