Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today's fabulous finds!

I am not a big shopper, but we've been driving by these for a couple of months now, and finally remembered to write down the phone number and call the local guy who's making them. We got a bench and a picnic table and they were delivered tonight! They are built like brick sh*thouses, as a certain relative of mine used to say.

We put the bench on our deck (which needs staining! It's on the to-do list.)

It's on a welded frame that uses antique farm machinery wheels! It's not only strong, it's surprisingly comfy to sit on. The pictures don't show how solidly this stuff is built. I love handmade things like this, built by someone who takes pride in what he does.

Tristan approves! Cost of this handmade, metal-framed, welded bench? 


The picnic table is a beast...

Just ignore my weedy garden (I've finally thrown in the towel and hired someone to help me whip it into shape.) Look at this table. Again, it's all on a welded, painted frame with antique wheels. Gordon thinks it weighs a couple of hundred pounds. The two of us can barely move it.

I love the historic aspect with the beautiful old wheels!

Price of this handmade, hand-welded picnic table with antique components, also built like a brick sh*thouse? 


Me, I think he's not charging enough but I see a lot of that around here in the countryside. In Toronto, they'd charge $2,000 for that table in some chi-chi poo-poo fancy-schmancy outdoor shop. And while you were inside the shop, some guy in a Lexus would have backed into your car and done a runner while you were shopping (sorry, still bitter from my weekend in Toronto, and to be honest, that actually happened to me in Abbotsford, BC, not Toronto, and the vehicle was a pick-up truck... but I digress.)

If you're local and want some of this stuff, let me know and I'll tell you how to get in touch with Kevin, who makes this stuff. He offered to make us a bigger picnic table, but this one was plenty huge for us!

And free delivery to our farm on top of all that.. We are very impressed. Kevin's got to factor in the materials on top of his labour... these were a deal! So much better than crap from China. You want some, let me know and I'll hook you up with Kev. ;)


  1. "Free delivery"? Great, I'll have the $200 bench delivered to my garden here in Perthshire Scotland thanks :)
    Looks like great stuff though. He should sell some to the Lexus People in the city too, at much higher prices.

  2. By the way, Tristan really is an exceptionally handsome chap. Does he know it?

  3. I can just imagine the air freight costs on that thing, Andrew! And yes, he needs to sell to the Lexus crowd.

    Tristan thanks you! He is really quite modest, unlike those roosters...

  4. Those are gorgeous! I'm very covetous of them. It's a good thing they weigh so much or I might have come by for a furtive visit! lol

  5. These are exceptionally nice. Great workmanship, and use of recycled materials.


  6. I'm so jealous! I love the bench and the picnic table and you are right, he is undercharging for his wonderful and creative craftsmanship.

  7. I love handmade quality pieces like those are. What a bargain! My guess is Kevin won't deliver for free to Utah. Too bad.

  8. Yes Michele, I suspect the freight costs to SK would be pricey. But there must be plenty of old farming equipment there... why not take a welding course and make your own bench? ;))

    Musical Gardener, I can't get over how solid they are.

    Paula, at least you're within driving distance. Poor Michele there would have a three-day drive one way!

    CogDis, you never know, Kevin might like a little holiday in Utah!

  9. Those are amazing. Must show my handy husband!

  10. The bench is really comfy! He put the right angle on the back. And sturdy as heck. Put that handy hubby to work!


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