Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bees, bees, beautiful bees!

I've been way too busy lately and it's getting on my nerves! Now that Art Fayre is over, things are a little better and I have time to post the bee photos I took a few weeks ago.

I don't know my bumblebee varieties, but I like these tri-colour ones. I want to draw one in coloured pencil.

I posted this before but I still like it. It proves how gentle bees usually are when out foraging. If that bumblebee tried to enter the honeybees' hives, she'd be in for a fight, and possible death! But when they are out in the garden together, they are focussed on finding nectar and pollen. This is why you shouldn't freak out about honeybees in your garden. Yes, you can get stung in your garden. I stepped on some poor honeybee last summer and got stung on my toe! (But you could hardly blame her.) But by and large, the bees don't give a damn about you when they are out foraging, and are unlikely to sting. (Hornets and wasps are a whole other ballgame.) Now, if you go to a honeybee hive and try to steal their honey, expect them to be displeased and inclined to sting!

Two bees, happy on their allium. Some of these photos are bit fuzzy (not unlike the bees) because I was being eaten alive by black flies and mosquitoes that evening and was finding it hard to stand still!

I didn't notice the little spider until I was looking at the photos on my computer.

More peaceful co-esixtence.

Coming in for a landing!

An Italian bee, probably one of mine!

I think this one is part or all Carniolan. When I got my bees last year, I had two hives of Italians, but the queens were Carniolan. See how her abdomen is darker than the Italian honeybee's?

My tri-colour favourite again!

Everybody spent time on the allium that was home to the spider. I wonder if the spider was hoping for a big fat tasty honeybee meal?

Cross your fingers for my bees to have a successful season with lots of honey for me!


  1. Your photos are always great but these are truly beautiful. I especially like the first few.

  2. Glad you found time to photograph all of these and even happier that you shared them with us!

  3. Aliums Are great draws for bees aren't they. I can't wait for the Echinops to open though. Now that is a bee magnet!

  4. These beautiful photos are like variations on a theme - Bees on Alium. Love the colour!

  5. Bees is cool! Bees rule.

  6. Enchanting world! Thank you for sharing. I'm posting it on FB for friends and family.

  7. Oooooo, these are beautiful!

  8. Wonderful photos! I've seen no honeybees here at all this year, but the bumbles are getting the job done in the garden.

    Now, will that honey be for sale here? I'd love to buy some from you!

  9. Anonymous6:31 pm

    I used to have an irrational fear of bees when I was a child. Now I love them and you have made me appreciate them even more. There was a place around here where I used to purchase organic honey. Fabulous. The last time I was stung by a honeybee I was weeding my garden and inadvertently crushed the poor thing with my knee.

    I would also love to buy some of your honey if you are selling any.

  10. Did you hear the "Quirks and Quarks" episode on the defence of Stingless Bees? It sounded just like the Cask of Amontillado.


    And while I'm not positive, I would bet on Red-belted Bumblebee for your tri-coloured one.

  11. Janyne, thank you! It was a struggle with all the black flies and mosquito drinking my blood, but the lighting was so pretty that evening.

    My pleasure, Paula!

    Jams, my Echinops are up but not blooming yet. Everything is late this year. My peonies have just started and they are usually done by now! Right now the bees are all over my catmint plant.

    Evlyn, I really want to do some coloured-pencil bee drawings.

    ChefNick, you got that right! Bees rule, hornets drool.

    Claude, I like to bring a little bit of country to your city perch.

    Thanks Jim! I do love those alliums.

    Nance and CogDis, I will have honey for sale (barring some catastrophe with my bees!) My problem with shipping it to the US is the extortionate rates that Canada Post charges to mail packages (more than the value of the honey.) However, I am visiting Maryland in late August and I am thinking if a few people really do want some honey, I could take some down and mail it from there and it would hopefully be cheaper! (Presuming I can take it across the border but I don't think they ban honey.)

  12. HWB, I have heard about stingless bees but not this Quirk and Quarks segment. Thanks for that; I enjoyed it! And I think you're right about the red-belted bumblebee. So pretty!

  13. I think I was wrong about the Red-belted Bumblebee. The segment after the red is yellow, which doesn't happen in the Red-belted. You've got yourself an Orange-belted Bumblebee (aka Tricoloured Bumblebee). At any rate, Bombus ternarius.

  14. REd-belted, orange-belted, fuschia-belted, it's all good!


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