Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Evening walk

We took the dogs for a walk yesterday evening, and apart from the annoying deerflies, it was great.

Gordon striking a pose with the blade of tall grass he was using to beat back the deerflies!

Tristan had a nice swim in the creek.

It is impossible to keep that dog out of the water!


Gordon striking a more serious pose!

And back at the house, we have this handsome toad living on our back deck...

I presume it's an American Toad; if I'm wrong, feel free to correct me! I thought it had the prettiest markings of any toad I've ever seen around here.

He likes hanging around potted plants, too. In previous summers, I have often found toads burrowed into the dirt of the plants pots on our deck.

Hope you are having a lovely summer evening!

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  1. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Well I hope Beaker doesn't mistake that toad for a chicken...

  2. Really, toads don't have any redeeeming features. I feel so sorry for them...I guess they must look good to one another. Otherwise, no other toads would be born. Maybe they think the same thing about us. Why do I worry?

    Great photos, Knat.

  3. I hope that American Toad has a current passport!

  4. Love the profile shot - sort of a mug shot. Ugly as they are, I've always liked them and they always make me smile.

  5. The toad looks really fed up in the first photo. Had you been trying to get him to pose for the camera?

  6. Have you tried kissing the toad yet? He may turn into a handsome prince with lots of money and then you can charge him for room and board.

  7. Morning, noon and evening we are contending with the deer flies!!! I heard that spritzing with Listerine helps keep them away. It works and I don't go out without spritzing now.
    Nice photos by the way.

  8. Anonymous9:26 am

    I never thought of a toad as 'pretty' before. No doubt his mother thinks so.

  9. Andrew, LMAO !!!!!!!!! Please stop making me spit tea all over my keyboard. It's getting sticky.

    Oh Claude, they do have redeeming features! They eat insects! And yes, I'm sure toads are very sexy to each other. :)

    Mo, don't count on it. He's an illegal alien toad.

    Jenny, I love toads and am always happy to see them in my garden. :)

    LBM, I don't think he appreciated my use of a flash!

    Evlyn, I have not tried kissing. One man in the house is enough! Although I suppose I could make the prince sleep in the duckhouse and guard the livestock at night.

    Paula, thanks for the Listerine tip! i must try that.

    CogDis, definitely a face only a mother could love.


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