Wednesday, June 15, 2011


After a hard day at Art Fayre,  I like to unwind by putting a golf bag cover over my head and channelling my inner Vulcan at my friend Ronna's house!


  1. Over one of your heads you mean? You appear to have two

  2. Yes, I know quite a few people who do that.

  3. I think you're holding back, Natalie. Time to come clean. What kind of alcohol was involved? Other people who need to unwind must know!

  4. Live long and prosper T'Knat

  5. I wouldn't trust the smiling Earthling behind you. You're not at all on a safe planet, Girlie.

  6. Ya know, I was sure I posted a response to these comments... damned if I know where it went. Into the golf bag, perhaps!

    CogDis, I'd had ONE BEER from the local Beau's Brewery:

    I'm a cheap drunk!

    Andrew, I'm definitely a two-headed monster. Deb, I want to meet your friends! Claude, I don't trust him one bit. Jams, you too!


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