Monday, June 20, 2011

Bonding with chicks

We spent some time in the garage last night, bonding with the chicks. For me, "bonding with the chicks" = letting the walk all over me, followed by me laundering my clothes. Usually I have the sense to drape myself in an old towel, but that slipped my mind last night.


Little bundles of yellow fluff! And yes, the garage is a sty. For some reason, it seems to descend into chaos every summer (probably because if we let it descend into chaos in winter, we'd have to park our cars outside and scrape snow off them on a regular basis!) The boxes are from a new patio set, and on the other side of the garage, we've been assembling beehives and frames.

These three seemed quite content to perch on my arm.

 Gordon cuddled another little cutie.


I threw a cushion on the floor and stretched out. We both thought it was funny that the chicks didn't want to jump off and run away. Maybe they think I'm the big mother hen!

Cute little bums, but they generate a lot of poop!

And video of the event. I threw my clothes in the washing machine right afterwards.

I figure 70% of the population will think I'm nuts for letting chicks crawl all over me, and the other 30% will totally get it. :) Or maybe it's more like 99 - 1! :)


  1. Sweet post. Baby chicks are just like baby humans....cute little bums that generate a lot of poop!

  2. Too cute!

    I fully understand -- I let my cockatiels walk over me too.

  3. Ah that is so cute Knatolee. For a second when I saw the post title you were using them to bind one thing to an other!

  4. Too cute!

    And remember, Everybody Poops!

  5. Paula, that's for sure!! :)

    Ahab, I'm glad you're a kindred spirit. Hopefully your cockatiels poop less than my chicks. My grown chickens NEVER poop on me! It's like they realize I'm the big rooster and it's just not done to poop on the big rooster.

    Jams, I am getting some interesting mental images regarding the use of chicks as a bonding device... :0

    Katnip, you got that right!

  6. So Cute..I can't wait til we get some more, and let them climb all over me too..

  7. I get it. Really. Love the chicks.

  8. Anonymous12:06 am

    Bonding is right. They love you! Can't wait to see them grow into beautiful chickens!

  9. Anonymous5:36 pm

    "Maybe they think I'm the big mother hen!"

    Hope Beaker doesn't make the same mistake

  10. oh my so cute.... ;o)

  11. LBM, that they are. But they sure grow fast!

    Vicki, aren't chicks a ton of fun?

    Yay, Pilgrim, you're one of the flock! ;)

    CogDis, that or they love my warm squishy body..

  12. Andrew! I certainly hope not! But since Beaker only reaches my mid-calf area, he's going to have quite the, ahem, hill to climb to achieve his lusty goal in such a scenario.

  13. Jannett, they must be in the top ten on the all-time cuteness scale. :)

  14. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Don't lie snoozily sunbathing in the garden though. I feel a most inappropriate haiku developing...

  15. Andrew, good point. Must not lower self to level of Beaker! Get on that haiku.

  16. The chicks are real sweeties! What kind are they? I love them!!!!

  17. Love love love these little chicks!

  18. Lynn, they are SHaver Red Sex-links!

    David, chick-cuddling therapy is the best!


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!