Saturday, January 08, 2011

Wintry walk

Another day, another walk with the dogs. Most days I walk or snowshoe with them to the back of our property. I think it's a couple of kilometres round trip. 

Most of our snow melted in the New Year's thaw, but it is starting to accumulate again. Since I love snow in winter, not to mention snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, I am pleased. We still haven't had a honking big winter storm. Not like, say, December 2007 (and the winter of 2008!) when we were drowning in snow.

I want a big snow storm!! But back to Thursday's walk...

The snow-coated ice formations along the creek were pretty:

And Sophie and Tristan, as always, were happy to be outside running, running, running!

That's the farm in the centre! I was at the entrance to our woodlot on the western side of our property. In summer I can't even walk down there because the path is so overgrown, but in winter it's no problem.

I found a tree with weird fluorescent orange lichen (or fungus; I'm not good with lichen/fungus identification!) growing on it.

Odd to see something so brightly coloured in the wood in the middle of winter!

 Running, running, running...

 Not sure what Sophie was gazing at, but something caught her attention.

The subdued shades of winter, and the sun that is still sinking early in the afternoon. But every day gets a little longer and a little brighter.

Enjoy the weekend.


  1. You almost make the snow feel cheerful! How pleasant! I love the running doggies! Makes me want to go run, too!

    It's snowing like mad here right now. Weather gurus said we were only supposed to have an inch or two, but we've already got that and it's coming down steady. They always under-predict so as not to scare people. People in Washington DC are easily scared by snow.

    Weathermen also said to cancel all appointments for this upcoming Tuesday, as we are going to have a major winter storm. They wont say exactly how much snow is predicted, but one weatherman used the term "many feet of snow". Uh oh. I'd better get ready! If they under-predicted that, then we may just have another 4 feet of snow like we did in 2010!

    If I could, I'd let you have all my snow! :) Happy winter!

  2. It's looking like that again here too! Got snow chains for the car now though so we're not snowed in. Hurrah! Thanks for your nice comments on my new work : )

  3. Wow! That lichen/fungus really stands out, and I'm surprised that it's thriving in winter.

  4. I agree. you make the cold seem fun!
    have a lovely weekend

  5. Gorgeous photos! What a lovely place to live.

  6. Great photos, and the ones from 2008 are amazing!

  7. Nice walkies. Thanks for the pix.

  8. Lynn, Hopefully you won't get hammered like last winter. I think you had almost more snow than we did! You certainly had worse storms. How much did you get this time? And good luck for Tuesday! Feel free to send me more snow. :)

  9. Aileen, you are having quite the winter in Scotland. Hope the chains help. We aren't allowed to use those year because of the damage they can do to the roads, but we have good snow tires that I find make a huge difference. Plus of course they are very fast to plough the roads here after a storm, so it's a different situation for us I think. Stay warm!

  10. Ahab, stuff like that seems to keep going year-round here, but I don't recall seeing bright orange stuff like that. Maybe someone will identify it for me.

  11. John, winter IS fun, but ONLY if you dress for it properly! I am a big fan of thermal underwear and a really good parka. :)

    Thanks for the compliments on the photos, everyone. Cog-Dis, we really love living here. A hidden gem of an area in far-eastern ONtario, but so close to Ottawa, Montreal and the US border!

  12. Lovely sceneries.

    Must be very cold too :)

  13. K, it wasn't too bad by our standards (about -6C) but I'm thinking it was unbearable by Sri Lankan standards! :)


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