Thursday, January 20, 2011

The frigid moon...

The moon setting the sky was a very pretty sight this morning, so I went outside in my pajamas, robe and boots to try to get a photograph that would convey its beauty...

Not quite! The fact that the windchill was -22C did not encourage to stay outside with my camera for very long. Take my word for it, it was more beautiful than the photos show.

PS: Our friend Richard took a STUNNING photo of the moon here last night. Check it out.


  1. Anonymous9:42 am

    Particularly when life gets stressful, I like to take a deep breath and imagine some of the beautiful and serene places I've been privileged to visit. Now you've given me a new scene to imagine. Gorgeous.

    Thanks for braving the sub-freezing temps and sharing your pictures Natalie!

  2. My pleasure! I'm glad you liked the photos. I love the colours of the sky in winter.

  3. -22 degrees...I remember it well from our years in Eagle River, AK. You walk outside and feel a little "fffft" as the moisture in your nose turns to dry ice.

    I did love the colors, though. Blues, pinks, mauves. Your shots remind me. And thank you for No Games' site.


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