Monday, January 24, 2011

Confluence of pets

One of the sunniest rooms in our house is the south-facing "piano room", so called because I keep my piano in there, along with an aged TV (c.1994) and some furniture in need of replacing! Lately I have been finding a daily assortment of pets enjoying the ever-moving patch of sunlight on the floor...

 Julius prefers the sofa, sunlight or not. Alex had been bathed in the sunlight until it shifted over towards Tristan!

The pink "coffee table" is out of place because I had hauled it over near the piano the other day. I needed somewhere to put my tea mug while I was playing Brahms and Liszt (badly).

 Not the greatest photo but they were pretty cute sunbathing together.


Meanwhile Julius expresses his disdain for all things canine.

 Sophie wandered in to check things out, then left again.

Meanwhile, Julius shows off his yoga skills. I wish I were that flexible in my yoga classes! Not even close.

By the way, when I got up at 6:30 am today, it was MINUS 36 Celsius (that's -32.8F) outside, and that was before the addition of any windchill. Ottawa (an hour west of us) set a cold record for yesterday's date. They have issued a frostbite warning for today. And some poor souls over the border in Gatineau, Quebec, are without power. Given that many Quebeckers heat with hydro, they are probably having a very cold morning! Meanwhile, pipes have burst in the World Exchange Plaza in Ottawa and water is cascading down three storeys over the atrium! Ah, winter in Canada. Gotta love it!


  1. BRRRR!
    I put extra layers on this morning and it was still cold walking down the hill to catch the bus!
    ...and I have a very good parka!
    Don't go out if you don't have to folks.
    BTW: Wish I could come back as one of your pets. Basking in the sun... you gotta love it!

  2. So handsome but Julius is a star!

  3. Oooh, Elisabeth, walking to the bus, sounds very NOT fun today!!!

    Calum, it is. Life IS a cat.

    Jams, Julius thoroughly agrees with you. He is head-butting my hand as I type!

  4. Anonymous9:18 pm

    "the south-facing "piano room", so called because I keep my piano in there"

    Oh! I see. Thanks for the explanation. I'd never have guessed :)

    Lovely photos. Julius seems to be the stretch limo version of a cat. Long and luxurious.

  5. Glad to clear up any confusion, H.i. And Julius is indeed a "stretch limo"... I like that!!

  6. Your explination for the name of the piano room made me chuckle!
    I wish I was as flexible as Julius too.

  7. Little Blue Mouse, I like to make things patently obvious. :)

    I need to invent a new yoga pose: sideways-facing Julius!


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!