Thursday, January 13, 2011

Please vote to help my local animal shelter!

A local woman is hoping to get money from the Pepsi Canada Refresh project for our local animal shelter (where we adopted our three-legged cat, Alex!) I am NOT promoting Pepsi (for starters, I don't drink pop!), BUT if you feel like going to the website and voting for Stephanie's project, that would be great. They do good work down at the SD&G SPCA, and I know they have a tight budget. Thanks for your help. Were it not for them, we would not have our Alex!

From Stephanie:

We have a Refresh project with Pepsi Canada for $10,000. If we are in the 'top 3' we will be able to help save 100 stray cats, by spaying/neutering them, then rehoming them. This will all be through the OSPCA- SD&G Branch (located in Cornwall). As you all are aware, my family is heavily involved with the shelter and trying to improve the lives of animals in general.

Would you be kind enough to check out this link- which is our idea:

The other ideas are listed at this link:

If you would be kind enough to vote for our idea- vote every day if possible- this money- the $10,000.00 would make such a huge difference in the lives of these abandoned cats.

Thank you for listening and considering my request.

Stephanie Carpenter

This is the website for our local shelter-

This may not be your local shelter, but it will save cat lives, and the vote is for across Canada.

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