Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some cuteness

With all the sad news coming out of Arizona (geez, should I be packing heat when I visit Tucson this spring?!), I thought a  few pet pictures might make you smile. 

Yes, he really was asleep!

 "Don't touch my junk!"

Sophie is more modest. I love her blonde eyelashes.

Meanwhile, there was cat weirdness going on in the other room!
(Note Julius posing under the rug portrait I hooked of him.) I think they saw a squirrel or bird out the window.

And while I was cleaning the house on Sunday, Naomi and Alex snuck onto the guest bed (verboten!) for a little nookie session. My friend knit me the giant mouse many moons ago. Makes it look a bit like an animal threesome!

(By the way, I hate the floral wallpaper in there even more than I hate the wallpaper in my office, and the whole room is entirely too pink. It came that way and will eventually get a makeover!)

Condolences to my American friends.  :( Violence solves nothing.


  1. "Nookie session" - that is so cute! What a pair! And amazing that you caught their expressions of being "caught" in something naughty.

  2. I love the expressions on Naomi and Alex's faces, as if to say, "Don't you know how to knock!?"

    Thanks for posting the cute photos.

  3. Such cuteness but I.m not sure I approve of the nookie!

  4. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Heck I hope I don't sleep like that (top 2 pics), and I hope even more that if I do no sneaky lady takes my picture as I sleep and puts it on the internet. What a betrayal of a chap's trust! :)

  5. He is a very funny chracter..isn't he?

  6. Anya, they are good at looking guilty. Alex fell in love with Naomi almost as soon as she arrived as a tiny kitten in 2008. They are always hanging out together.

    Ahab, that's what I thought, "Do you MIND? Can we have some privacy here?!"

  7. Jams, don't worry. THey're both "fixed."

    H. insciens, no one is safe from my camera in this house. Somewhere on this blog, I have pics of Gordon in a skirt and Gordon with pantyhose pulled over his head...

  8. WanderingCat, they kill me too. And Kirigalpoththa, Alex is an INCREDIBLE character. And really, really mellow. I guess after getting caught in a leghold trap and having his back leg amputated (after which we adopted him!), there's not much in life that troubles him. :)

  9. Anonymous6:28 pm

    "pics of Gordon in a skirt and Gordon with pantyhose pulled over his head..."

    Ah yes, the old wedding anniversary routine :)


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