Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter sun and moon

Lately when I have been going down to tuck in the chickens at night, there are have been some very nice winter sunsets.

 And a pretty sky to the east...

With the moon rising!


  The black walnut trees (over 80 years old now!) frame the sunset nicely.

And contrails mark the sky.

We have not, as you can see, had a lot of snow this winter (the UK has been stealing it all!), but we are supposed to get 10 to 15 cm today. We shall see!


  1. I'm sorry we have deprived you of your snow. If only you had said so sooner we could have given you loads.

    Lovely pics; lovely place to stay.

  2. Anonymous9:26 am

    In the area where I live, it's extremely rare that I can find some snow, but sometimes I attend at some "red sunset" that leave me so... good. I'm completely hypnotized and I remain to observe "the show" for a long time. I'm sure you can understand me ;)

  3. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Lovely. The chickens have a nice place to live. Oh, and so do you.

  4. Lovely photos. Sorry for depriving you of your snow, we didn't really want it anyway!

  5. I love winter skies! My only regret is that my camera does not photograph them well. We've had clouds that have made me think that the angles are playing with felting fibre!
    I posted your wee thing today : )

  6. Beautiful photos!

  7. Calum, we did end up getting another 4 - 6" over the weekend, so I feel better now. :)

    Maximillian, I completely understand. I like to watch the sun set until it disappears from view and the skies become dark.

    H. isciens, I love it here! Glad that farms are still affordable in the part of Canada. Heaven to me!

    Jams, that's okay, things seem to be picking up snow-wise.

    Aileen, you do a great job of capturing the sky in your needle-felting. Beautiful stuff. Thanks for posting the thingie! My friend will love it.

    David, thank you! I love winter skies.


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