Friday, January 14, 2011

The noble senior feline

Julius is our senior resident feline. He turns 11 this year. We adopted him when we lived in Nova Scotia. He showed up at our back door one winter and never left. He thinks dogs are disgusting creatures who look better with bleeding muzzles!

Lately he has taken to visiting me in my office every morning.

He especially likes to perch on my printer. It's nice and warm!

"How handsome am I?"

 "Not to mention regal and noble!"

Of course the window is a great perch too. Especially with all those tasty-looking birds on the feeder outside!


  1. Aww he is obscenely handsome Knatolee!

  2. Anonymous11:15 am

    Wow, Natalie. It looks to me like you live in a bit of paradise surrounded by beautiful characters -- like Julius. He is handsome!

  3. Uh oh. I take it Julius has fought with the dogs?

  4. Ahab, once Sophie surprised Julius when he was asleep in my blue recycle box. He got upset. She got upset. He raked her muzzle with his claws and jumped up on my desk. Fortunately Sophie didn't try to kill him!

    He will always hiss at the dogs if they get too close. He used to "sucker punch" poor Tristan quite regularly but he seems to have figured out that Tristan is afraid of him, and now tends to ignore him.

  5. Jams, Julius thanks you profusely!

    C-D, it is definitely paradise to me. Peace and quiet, 86-acres, wildlife, occasional moo-ing off in the distance... :)

  6. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Hard to resist if he turns up at your door. Magnificent. You should be honoured that he chose you.

  7. H. i., I am. He is truly a lovely cat. He has also criss-crossed Canada and lived in four provinces!

  8. Julius is the most handsome, noble cat ever .... not surprising considering his noble name!

  9. A master-ful cat!


  10. King Julius deigns to thank you all profusely for taking the time to comment on his immense handsome-osity!


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