Thursday, January 13, 2011

Prospect Village Rug

Since you liked the Lobster Season rug, I thought I'd re-post a photo of the first pictorial rug I ever hooked (and my second rug ever), called Prospect Village. It was a finalist in Rug Hooking Magazine's annual contest, and was featured in A Celebration of Hand-hooked Rugs XI.

This rug started out as a project for a course taught by Marjorie Judson in Halifax in 1999. Here I am, happily hooking my rug, almost twelve freaking years ago. Where does the time go?!

And here's the actual Prospect Village...

Before we moved from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, our friends gave us a going-away party. One of our neighbours took this photo of Prospect Village and framed it for us as a gift. While we didn't live right in the village, we were still considered to be in Prospect.

The angle of this photo is a little different from the rug, but the red fish stage on the left is the one pictured in the rug.

Just a few months before we moved out west, Hurricane Juan hit Nova Scotia, on September 29, 2003. It was classed as a Category 2 storm, which is a pretty hefty hit for the North Atlantic! The eye of the storm passed right over our house and while Gordon slept through most of it (how? I have no idea!), I huddled upstairs with my cat, a candle and the battery-operated radio. We were without power for three days, but many lost electricity for a couple of weeks, so we were lucky. There was a lot of damage, but fortunately we only sustained a scratch on our car and a bit of damage to our dock. We lived right on the ocean, and the storm was very dramatic!

Prospect Village itself was less fortunate. It is very low-lying and exposed, and took the brunt of the storm...

There's that red fish stage again, minus the dock.

It was sad to see the damage to boats, homes, lobster traps and more, but  as I recall, no one in the village was hurt. Sadly, six people lost their lives either directly or indirectly as a result of the storm, including a paramedic who was sitting in his ambulance when a tree fell on it and crushed him.

But Nova Scotians are nothing if not resilient. They soon got to work and cleaned up the mess.

So there's a rug, and a story behind it. I have hooked many more rugs (wall-hangings; I don't walk on these!) since then, but the Prospect Village one is special to me.


  1. I especially love how you did the lupins. Very nice rug!

  2. It's so nice to have something with meaning behind it, no wonder it's special to you.

    I've been on a different computer lately and it only publishes my comments when it feels like it so don't think I'm ignoring you.

  3. Ronna, Marjorie wanted us to put in various landscape elements: rocks, flowers, etc. I always LOVED the lupins in NS.

    Little Blue Mouse, I am getting lots of comments from you, not to worry! :)

  4. LOVE the lupins in the foreground.
    They are my mom's favorite.
    Your rug of Prospect reminded me of the fishing village by Peggy's cove I saw in the 90's.


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