Sunday, February 01, 2009

Welcome to Buntingville

These are for everybody, but especially Shelley, who would like to see some snow buntings. I love these guys. They make the cutest little noises, and are hanging around here all the time now.

Hopping around on the snow.

Checking me out on the other side of the window, with great suspicion.

While the squirrel munches on, typically not giving a damn.

One of the buntings checks out a sparrow actually having a bath! It had warmed up a bit outside, so I guess he figured he wouldn't freeze to death. He also managed to drain the bath! One more storm and that birdbath will be subterranean.

The bunting gang enjoys sun, snow, and seed.

And here's Naomi, with the only kind of bird she'll ever be allowed to catch since she's an indoor kitty. That said, two juevnile starlings did fall down our chimney last summer, but I managed to save them both before the cats caught them!

Naomi loves that toy. It's a big wand with a feather on the end of a string. She carries the feather in her mouth and drags the wand behind her, all over the house. She's also the first cat I've ever had who plays fetch! Btw, she doesn't have cataracts. I still don't know how to use the red-eye reduction on my camera, because I am too pathetic for words!! (Read the manual, LAZY!)


  1. Anonymous1:15 am

    these pictures are beautiful! Some of them could be greeting cards.

    I love all your pictures of your critters and your farm all through the year.

  2. Why thank you, Sharon! :) The dogs and kitties send you kisses.

  3. I love those buntings, very colorful.
    We had a junco fly into our kitchen window last week, broke it's neck. I felt sad for it. I went out right away and picked it up off the deck so Duncan wouldn't get to it. I laid it ont he table, but it never recovered. Sometimes they get stunned, but this one never came to again.

  4. Oh thank you, thank you for posting these wonderful snow bunting photos!! I would love to see these beautiful little birds!!
    P.S. Does Naomi like to play w/ the plastic rings that come off the mild container? Marvin will play fetch sometimes w/ those.

  5. Mo, sorry to hear about your junco! :( These things happen, but don't you hate it when they do? I had a downy woodpecker do that once.

    Shelley, I haven't tried plastic milk rings with Naomi, but I will!

  6. Awww!

    You know what I saw on campus today? Ducklings! Half a dozen tiny little fuzzy balls following their mama across the lawn.

    A big improvement over the Canada geese that were giving me the evil eye because I dared to walk down the sidewalk. :-)

  7. Oooh, ducklings!!! LUcky you, Dephal! We won't be seeing ducklings around here for a little while yet. And I'm hoping that this year I don't see Sophie with a duck EGG in her mouth!!!


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