Saturday, February 07, 2009

There's a squirrel in the wall. Again.

Okay. One wildlife expert and a $5000 foundation repair later and what are we $@$%@#$@# hearing? A red squirrel inside my office wall. And occasionally the family room ceiling. I am positive I just heard one drop a black walnut down the inside of my office wall. AAAAAAIIIEEEEEEEEE! WE cannot figure out where they are getting in! We have a stone foundation, we had the roof checked, AUGH!! Have I said "AUGH!" enough?

On a happier note, some photos from today:


Note poor Sophie sinking halfway into the snow on one side. She got off the beaten track! I was wearing G's massive snowshoes, as our friend (who was taking the photo) had borrowed mine!

Um, you might want to take off that blade cover before going at the tree... or maybe you could use the saw to slash open all our walls and remove the ###@&$@&# squirrel?!

And as always, Tristan being a dufus.

Happy weekend!


  1. What are you going to do about that squirrel?! (I suggest no chainsaw - ha,ha!!) Maybe you can lure it out by placing some peanut butter treats outside the house. Drats!

  2. you could import salmonella tainted peanuts from the USA and kill the squirrel that way!

  3. Anonymous12:44 pm


    'm very sorry you have the damn squirrels again. they can be pretty persistent ..they are rodents afterall.

    T's pic reminds me of Wallace ...he likes that position also.

    and I love the pic of you and G adorable. :))

  4. Gordon continues to work on the squirrel issue. You have to make sure you seal up all the places they can enter, but you need a one-way exit device (which we have) so that you're not sealing squirrels into your walls!!

    Mo, salmonella-tainted peanuts- what a concept!

    And thanks for calling us adorable, Dr. Sloth. :)


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