Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Naomi has an admirer

Check this out! If I can get her to Michigan by Saturday, Naomi has a date for Valentine's Day. I think her life is becoming more exciting than my own (Marvin, you are adorable!)

Gordon is outside working on the red squirrels-skittering-around-our-walls-and-ceilings dilemma. He stayed home today because we were supposed to get the ice storm from hell, which of course did not materialize (thank you Environment Canada, for that oh-so-accurate winter storm warning!)

He has found the hole (after dismantling part of our deck YET AGAIN) where the little bastards are getting into our house/walls/ceiling. We still have a one-way exit and screening from when the Squirrelator (wildlife removal service) came last fall, so G is going to use that to sort things out. The little monsters are SO persistent. I am trying very hard not to think about them lunching on wiring and burning down our house.

Meanwhile, the THREE cats are totally falling down on the job and not keeping up with the mouse-hunting. Last night G put out the humane trap in the bathroom linen closet (remember, people, we live in the country. Mice and assorted other critters are a fact of life that you have to live with to some extent) and I heard the thing rattling around in the middle of the night. ("Keep it down in there!") There were two wee mousies in there this morning.

G drives them a couple of miles down the road and lets them out in the woods, where they no doubt are instantly eaten by an owl or bear or rare northern mouse-eating alligator. But at least the blood isn't directly on our hands. The only good thing is that the mice are not, KNOCK WOOD, visiting our kitchen. Actually, we don't see much evidence of them at all. I guess they spend their time in the walls, partying with the red squirrels. "Mmmm! Pass some me some more of that fabulous wiring. Fred, you have GOT to try this!"

You have to wonder just what exactly is in the walls (dead or alive) of this century-old farmhouse!

Or maybe he just loves the smell of napalm in the morning. Would napalm be an effective squirrel-eviction device?


  1. Marvin is frantically looking for his kitty passport! He is very excited that Naomi will give him a chance! Marvin hasn't had a girlfriend since....well never I guess! Ha,ha!

    P.S. When the kitties hear the squirrels and the mice - what do they do? Sounds like there could be serious hunting over there!

  2. Anonymous9:14 pm

    thanks to Shellmo (Shelley) I have discovered your blog today due to Naomi and Marvin empending love affair (I love anything to do with cats!!)....so I am anxiously awaiting a torrid affair over the net to follow!! LOL....

    OMG your blog is fabulous....Love all that you write, you are very funny, love your sense of humor. I will surely keep checking on what is going on in your life. I have always wanted a farm so I guess I will live through you, lol.

    Jill from NY

  3. Jill -- thank you, that really made my morning!! It's nice to think people actually read what I write. :) Things will get more exciting when we finally get some farm animals.

    Shelley -- Naomi is so excited about Marvin that she woke me up at 4 am again! The kitties stare at the wall when they hear a squirrel in there, and they camp out by the linen closet (the mice are on the ground bit, btw, I don't see evidence of them frolicking in my clean linen!) door when the mice are in there. If they manage to get in the closet, they stare at the humane trap (it has a see-through top) and whack it around a bit.

    Julius does murder and eat mice, and it has a habit of thoughtfully bringing them to me for first dibs. But if I don't snap up his offering, he gobbles it up pretty quickly (like, before I can get something with which to dispose of the mouse!!)

  4. Poor Alex, dumped for some gigolo kitty miles/kilometers away! The grass is always greener on the other side they always say!!!

    Poor Alex!

  5. Oh, that's why Alex looks so pissed.


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