Friday, February 20, 2009

And for my bird-lovin' friends...

This one is from a couple of weeks back: three lovely snow buntings hanging out near the bird feeder:

And a not-so-hot photo, through my filthy office window, of a male pine grosbeak. He is much more attractive than this photo shows, and way more beautiful than the Norway rats who have set up shop in and under my hanging platform feeder. I saw one send a red squirrel flying off the feeder the other day. He literally turned around and pushed him off.

We have to deal with the rat issue NOW. Gordon is getting me a squirrel/rat-proof feeder tonight and I will have to start cleaning up the fallen seed religiously. Apparently once you get rid of the seed, the rats will leave, being country rats who are seeking a seed/grain source. I thought one rat was cute (see a previous post somewhere on this blog!) Several rats, not so much. Well, I still think they are cute but they have now got tunnels going under our foundation and all through the snow under the feeder. The alternative would be to stop feeding the birds until the rodents move on, but I really don't want to do that in the dead of winter. Plus I love watching the birds. So we'll try a new feeder, a squirrel baffle for the other pole-mounted feeder, and a new housekeeping regime. Augh!

We have succeeded, however, in excluding the squirrels from our house walls/ceiling/under our family room that has no basement. This is due to Gordon's diligence at finding their entry point and sealing it up. We don't need the rats taking the squirrels' place!


  1. Oh, I hope Gordon used steel wool at the center of his patch! Rats don't require a pre-existing hole to enter. They'll chew their own entry way - have even had them chew through masonry.

    But I love them. Duncan heard me say that.

    Beautiful photo of the snow buntings. And I LOVE Pine grosbeaks.

  2. Love those snow buntings! Hate those rats!

  3. CHEW THROUGH MASONRY???!! Can you hear my heart attack from over there, Gin?!!

    Gordon and I both love the ratties too, but we have evidence that they are now residing under our family room. Urgh! But from what we've read, if we get rid of the seed source, they will leave, being the country rats that they are.


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