Monday, December 08, 2008

Soup Boy and Da Kitties

Okay, first we have Soup Boy. Gordon, who likes cooking and has been expanding his repertoire under my tutelage, made his first "soup from scratch" this weekend, a butternut squash soup recipe from Jamie Oliver's Jamie at Home:

(I knit that scarf for him last year with some leftover Patons Shetland Ragg I had lying about! Interesting factoid: I designed the yarn band for Patons Shetland Ragg back in the early 1990s when I was their in-house graphic designer in Toronto.)

I think Gordon should give up his job as a treaty negotiator and become a food stylist instead! The soup recipe involved sauteed fresh sage leaves, and parmesan cheese "croutons", and a drizzle of olive oil. My meals are starting to look like pig slops in comparison to Gordon's efforts.

Enough about food. Back to...


Is she not precious? It's just as well I never had kids, because I'd be one of those Mums with 28 photos of her child in her wallet, and I'd be showing the photos to everyone I met.

I am smitten with this kitten.

Bath time! She loves all the attention from Alex (who has lost another pound, yay! That "Chase the Kitten Everywhere" diet is working wonders for him.)

Good to know I'm not the only wild and crazy girl in the house...


  1. Your hubby's soup looked like a work of art! And I can never get enough of your kitties! I love my Marvin to pieces!

  2. I am smitten with your kittens too....

  3. Anonymous9:50 am

    Ooooo Be Still My Heart!! he cooks too! (ok I knew that already ... and he brings you tea in bed every morning... hrrumph).

    That looks like a GREAT soup!

    and a lovely scarf....what's a yarn band? (is that the term you used?...the thing you designed)

    And the pics of Little N are just ADORABLE. She's very photogenic. I think you need an N calendar..haha.

  4. THe yarn band is the piece of paper that goes around the skein, and has the yarn name and info on it! I.E. it's the yarn packaging. I've done a LOT of packaging design over the years.

    The soup was very yummy. I had some for lunch yesterday.

    And "Little N", I like that. That makes me "Big N"!

  5. Anonymous11:42 am

    I was greatly puzzled because I read "some leftover Patons Shetland Ragg I had lying about" as "some leftover Patons Shetland Ragg I had been lying about." I was wondering why you would tell nasty lies about a poor skein of yarn that never did anything wrong.

    I love making butternut soup but it doesn't look ANYTHING like Gordon's. Phyllis

  6. Gordon's soup looks yummy. He's so multi-talented. I made soup too, a mushroom and wild rice soup. It was good but I just threw mine in a bowl and wolfed it down. LOL! Love the pictures of little N and Alex. There's nothing better than a kitty love story.

  7. MMmmmmMMM! Mushroom and wild rice soup sounds excellent!


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