Friday, December 05, 2008

Feline vermin

If you think three cats on my work table is bad, remember that there are two dogs on the floor. And you know, although my office photos don't generally show it, I am a neat freak.

And that FRIGGING wallpaper HAS TO GO. Sigh...

And here we have...

Naomi, once again showing utter disrespect for my artwork.

For those interested, I am currently illustrating a desert tortoise. The pic on my computer is from the web and I am not copying it; I just needed reference for a tortoise eyeball. But the photo on my drawing board is courtesy of my awesome Arizonan herpetologist friend Roger, who has supplied me with oodles of reference material from the Sonoran desert (he takes fantastic photos.) The book I am finishing up (this is the last illustration!) is a kids' book my other herpetologist friend Kate wrote, about a rattlesnake in the Arizona Sonoran desert. (Read Kate's adult book, Mean and Lowly Things.) Because I have never been to Arizona and don't have a rattlesnake handy, I have had to rely mainly on reference material for this project. While I would prefer to draw from life, it's basically impossible in this case! Nonetheless, I can hear my high school art teacher Mr. Aikenhead's voice ringing in my ears: "Don't draw from photos! Draw from life! Draw from life!" Sorry, Mr. Aikenhead.


  1. You go girl!! Nice artwork and I draw from pictures too. Your art teacher would hate me too.

    My very own h.s. art teacher looked at one of my pieces and told me I had all my perspectives wrong and couldn't draw well. I guess she expected my Paso Fino to look like a Thoroughbred. Her words still fuel perfection in every one of my pieces.

    One day, I'd love to look at your finished work and purchase it for my library. It looks great from what i can see.

    You're very brave to let cats walk on your artwork. Justin left footprints once.

  2. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Natalie's drawings are AMAZING. She is really really good. and by the way, read Kate's Mean and Lowly Things for a little slice of life you and I will never experience.


  3. Anonymous10:08 am

    I love those classic knitting pictures!

    and yes, Knatty is an amazing artist. You are just brimming with all kinds of talent. You make the rest of us mortals seem so dull.


  4. RObin, I will make sure I link the book to my blog when it is finally published. It's going to be bilingual, ENglish/SPanish.

    Phyllis, you are very kind considering how often I make fun of you on my blog. BWAHAHAHA!

    And the compliments!! You are all so good for my ego!


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