Friday, December 05, 2008

More on the noble balaclava...

Should you wish to knit this vision of WW2 loveliness, a pattern is available here. I think perhaps I shall take a pass on that myself.

And did you know that Ontario has its very own Balaclava?

From the Victoria & Albert Museum site: 1940s patterns to knit

My question being, what is a body belt, and why would I want to knit one??


  1. Imagine the hat hair that would occur after wearing this!!! Be afraid, very afraid!

  2. Hideous. Just hideous. And why would they leave the ears out? I'm getting cold just looking at that.

  3. Ah, the earless feature has a reason behind it:

    "With ear flaps to enable good hearing during telephone operations (or for use with a mobile phone)."

    Obviously they weren't wearing these delightful balaclavas at -40 Celsius, because if they had been doing so, their ears would have frozen solid and broken off like icicles, thus negating the need for either a telephone OR ear warmth.

  4. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Why are the poor ears exposed!! Oh look, Crowzma noticed that too! Lol, I know

  5. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Oops! I was a little gung-ho about submitting that...look how excited your balaclava got me! :)

    Oh, those poor people in the very cold colds... Like you said...ear icicles!

  6. No worries, Laura-Jane, I know balaclavas can cause people to lose their ar ar. Well, that was almost a bad pun!

    Seriously, balaclavas are fearsome enough, but EARLESS ones? Good grief!

  7. Anonymous5:51 pm

    I see you are STILL making fun of my bright blue ear and nose-covering balaclava. Well! I must say I used it for the first time the other day and my face was clearly warmer than anyone else at the dog park. I was a vision in red (face) and blue (balaclava). Oddly enough, no one was staying for very long. Ear holes...boy, that is so missing the point, which is WARMTH. Phyllis

  8. You know, Phyllis, if you stopped wearing the balaclava, you might hear from Colin. In fact, you might even hear from Daniel Craig!

  9. Anonymous9:52 am

    Honey, I hear from Colin Firth AND Daniel Craig *every night.* In my sweet sweet dreams...Phyllis

  10. The egg balaclava is tiny and fantastic!


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