Monday, December 22, 2008

Dog toy testers

I think these two (well, really just Tristan) should be employed as dog toy testers. Problem is, no toy would survive!

The dogs' Auntie Phyllis sent them a stuffed Milkbone dog and an Orbee-Tuff bulb (which is only rated for medium chewers, and thus you can't blame them for what happened when Tristan got ahold of it!) Phyllis is a brilliant dog writer and she did an article for the Tufts University vet school newsletter in which she compared various toys and gifts for dogs.

Anyhoo, I was going to save these gifts from Christmas, but the dogs were driving me nuts the other day when it was too damn cold to go for a walk (today I gave in and walked them in a -30C windchill. I care, they don't!!!) so I let them have their prezzies. First, Tristan got the stuffed toy and surgically removed the squeaker within 90 seconds:

"Is that it?"

Meanwhile, Sophie checked out the giant rubber Christmas bulb:

"I'm allowed to have this, right?"

Then Sophie foolishly left her bulb toy unattended and Tristan grabbed it:

"Hey! This is minty! Cool!!"

And in 90 seconds, the Orbee-Tuff bulb was ... not so tough anymore:

Yes, Tristan bit the base right off! And again, don't blame Orbee, because they rightly rated this for medium chewers. I should get the Tristanator an Orbee-Tuff Snowball, rated for aggressive chewers like him. Knob.


  1. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Tristan is faster at disemboweling than Dodger is, but Dodger/Butthead leaves a FAR bigger mess...stuffing everywhere. And that Milkbone thing was cheap, so no surprise. Still, you wish they'd last more than a few seconds.

    90 whole seconds for the Orbee Not So Tuff, eh? I think if you got him the aggressive one, he'd nail it in two minutes. Let's clock him!

    We are not even lasting a few minutes outside to do business, much less take a walk. Phyllis

  2. I LOVE Tristan's face!
    There is no stuffie safe with Duncan either. And he makes a massive mess of stuffie guts also.

    Merry Christmas Tristan!

  3. Orbee-Tuff, not tough enough for your crew, huh?

    That's OK, Emma shredded her purse in short order. She is still working on the squirrel and wooly frisbee though.

  4. Ha ha ha i love it that you call him 'Tristanator' cause we call Nethmi, 'Nethminator' especially during her terrible twos phase ;o)

  5. Anonymous9:51 pm

    I think our Shadow puppy must be related to Tristan. The entire point of a stuffed toy seems to be to get to that lovely, fluffy stuffing as fast as possible!


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