Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The local wildlife!

Take my mind off of our imploding federal government, I bring you pictures of local "wildlife":

Mangy red squirrel who visits regularly. He/she needs a name. Feel free to suggest.

One of the resident mourning doves!

My friend got a new horse and a new LLAMA this week!

Bucky is eight years old and quite sweet.

The turkeys were out in force last Friday. This pic is from our bedroom window. Not the greatest, but you get the idea!

And now, the scariest wildlife of all: it's not local, but...

Hide your children!


  1. Name the squrvel, Red.

  2. Anonymous2:29 pm

    DIIIIEEEEEE stinking conservative bastards.

    OK who IS that in the ski mask ..hahah.

    How about the name "Patart" for the sqirrel? ... it's this comment's word verification...fate designed name.

    The Llama is adorable. Snow! lots o turkey dinners out thar. ;) ...ok I would NEVER kill one.

  3. Anonymous9:48 pm

    "Imploding federal government". Now there's a headline! I must remember that. It's perfect.
    Oooohhh, a llama. Fibre heaven!

  4. The llama looks like he's smiling - cute! You made me laugh w/ that last photo! Now as for naming the squirrel - I always give my animals such ordinary names - probably pretty boring. How about Ted the Red Squirrel? (dumb I know! But I haven't had coffee yet this morning.)

  5. You've got really scarry wildlife were you live! :o)
    My daughter told me, she and her friends would go hunting for a turkey for Thanksgiving (she's in the US right now). So I asked her, did they catch one? She said, "No, they are fast, and we had not enough time." I laughed myself silly.

  6. Anonymous12:24 pm

    okay, QUIT laughing at my "stylish balaclava" (note the oxymoron, but at least it's not solid black). It's windy and cold as heck at the dog park. I have never worn one before because I was too embarrassed - I think only hunters wear them here in Wisconsin - but after freezing my face the other day I just broke down and bought one. pppphtt! to you too, NK! hee hee Hey did you notice there's a pattern on Knitty for a balaclava with pigtail holes? Phyllis

  7. Anonymous12:25 pm

    How about calling the squirrel Freeloader?


  8. Phyllis, I think balaclavas are HOT for 2009. HOT! Sssssssizzle!

  9. "Red Ted Patart Freeloader" the squirrel -- EXCELLENT!

    Phyllis, there is something totally creepy about a balaclava with pigtail holes...

    Freshisle, I am hopeful about getting Bucky's fibre, which will give me the excuse I need to learn to spin.

  10. In case you were wondering, llamas are not "local wildlife." According to wikipedia, "The llama (Lama glama) is a South American camelid." So there!

    Have a great day!

    P.S. Please make Paul Maurice move back to Canada. I really don't want him coaching the Hurricanes. Send him back to the Leafs. Please!

  11. Hahaha! SOrry, Janyne, I suspect Paul Maurice won't listen to my advice.


    And hey, maybe it's a rare tundra llama. Whaddaya think?


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