Saturday, November 09, 2013

Geez, Louise!

This is the reason I have been removing anything breakable from my kitchen windowsills...

She loves to snuggle up to warm things. Warm radios. On top of the dishwasher. On top of the ceramic cooktop after the burner is turned off! (We are actively discouraging that one!!)

So far she has broken two bowls. And she didn't appreciate the paparazzi disturbing her nap!

So we got out the "feather on a wand" toy, which Louise goes crazy for.

I was trying to get some good action shots, but I had the wrong lens on and the wrong shutter speed. Still, you get the idea. Tristan was unimpressed down in the family room.

When she "catches" her prey, she growls if you go near her and refuses to let go of it!

Watching very carefully!

Then going for the kill.

Julius was interested too!

Yeah, that's about right.

Poor Julius! You'll get some playtime soon. He is almost 14 now but he still likes to have fun.

Louise is now six months old and has fit in so well with the family!


  1. Louise , me too LOVE to chase Da Bird :)

  2. All those pictures need are green grass under that kitty's feet. They are so little removed from what they are born to do. Hunt. She's in her prime. Lovely shots.

    1. They do like to murder and decapitate things in the basement!

  3. She is every inch the huntress!

  4. Her shadow can barely keep up with her!

  5. Definitely keep an eye on her around the ceramic cooktop - my old cat Kobi liked ours a little too much too - second degree burns on the pad of one of his paws. Of course, he never went near it after that!
    (And you've got to add Louise to your blog header... maybe that's why she's making so much chaos, it's a protest!!!)

  6. We're trying to make a habit of keeping a pot or pan on the burner after we turn it off, as we train her (hahahahaha) not to walk on the stove!!!

  7. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Glad Louise is doing well. The 'featheronawand' takes me back to when Tonka was a kitten, nearly 15 years ago. He loved chasing the feathers. He was the most acrobatic cat we ever saw, such leaps and twists!

  8. Louise is now six months old and has fit in so well with the family!

    You meant she RULES the family now.!!!!!!!!

  9. Oh, she and Rosie would get along very well and make a Tag-Team for those feathery birds! XOXO

  10. She is adorable. And now I really understand the name, "Jeez Louise"... perfect!

  11. Will have to try the feather on a stick with our cats. We had one in California. Our old cats were afraid of it and would hide under the bed. They also ran away from moths and humming birds.


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