Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Soft kitties!

Say hello to my new feline friends! Note Louise in the background.

So Sandra over at  Elephant Lover is having a fundraiser for the cat rescue society she volunteers at. 
They are selling these adorable handmade soft kitties to raise funds for the felines they rescue:

(Photo from Sandra’s blog)

I ordered five and today they arrived in the mail. Hooray! But I am still trying to understand why a package from Slovenia gets here faster than one from the USA!! :)

They are super-cute (I am giving some as Christmas gifts to fellow cat-lovers) and Sandra is a pleasure to deal with. If you want to help some overseas kitties and get yourself a box of cuteness at the same time, visit Sandra's blog and order one (or more!) of your own. The kitties at Mačja Preja will thank you.


  1. Thank you Natalie for adopting these kitties of ours :) I am glad you like them and thank you so much for spreading the word.

  2. Super cool kitties! Love them.
    Is Louise about to jump an orchid?

  3. Sooo cute !!
    Now you made my mom-person sing :)

    Soft kitty,
    Warm kitty,
    Little ball of fur.
    Happy kitty,
    Sleepy kitty,
    Purr, purr, purr.

  4. I had never heard that song until I watched Big Bang Theory. Is it an old nursery rhyme that I missed or is it one made up for that show?

  5. Awww!!! you got one for each one of your kitties in corresponding color :) but Alex is Pink!

  6. Those are really cute. Cats are in need everywhere, that's for sure. Sandra has a great fundraiser and I hope she sells hundreds. Now, about Louise. I think she's up to something.

  7. It is kind of funny that you are showing plush kitties while a real one is up to no good behind your back. You've been photo bombed!

  8. Hallo Kjelle Bus, watching to much Bing Bang Theory, eh!? We love it, too. And thank you Natalie for being so kind, to include as in your circle of Christmas friends.:-)

  9. I love those cute little faces!

  10. Those soft kitties are wonderful. Will check out her blog!


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