Sunday, November 17, 2013

Maxville Christmas Parade

I had the BEST TIME this evening! Our friends Jake and Sam invited us to ride in their new surrey in the Maxville Christmas parade. It looked so pretty all lit up with lights!

And here are Sarah and Limerick, the Belgians who did all the hard work!

We had a little photo session before the boys got the horses all hitched up.

Powerful beasts!

And off we went through Maxville, heading towards the giant feed mill.

The participants in the parade gathered at Maxville Manor beforehand. Some of the seniors (retired farmers!) came out to admire the horses.

Sam and Gordon chatting.

The boys (I call them "boys" because I am old enough to be their mother, but they are young men!) gpt this surrey second-hand, and it's in beautiful shape. Our seat was super comfortable, too.

Jake got the glory job,

And Mr. Snowman posed for me by his bike!

The man on the left came out and spent quite a bit of time with the horses. He used to have some himself!

Being around horses always makes me happy. Hoping to get some here next year!

Sam very kindly takes the elderly for rides, ha ha ha. I am the same age as his Mom!

I practiced by queenly wave!


And our friend Margaret Caldbick took these photos while the parade was in progress...

It was a bit damp this evening, but we had our blanket to keep us warm.

An excellent way to spend a late fall evening. I highly recommend it!


  1. Sarah and Limerick are massive! They look strong, healthy, and handsome. I'm glad you enjoyed the ride through the parade.

  2. How neat to be able to join the parade in a surrey.

  3. How even had a red hood!
    The boys are handsome....but I do love the horses!

  4. The horses are absolutely beautiful! You need a pair!

  5. It seems these days that everybody loves a ride with well trained beautiful horses.

  6. I wonder why they don't have their Christmas Parade at Christmas?????

    Beautiful horses; one blonde, the other brunette. My childhood horse was a 'Trap Pony' (2 wheels), so it brings back wonderful memories.

  7. The images of your lives always warm my heart. And, by the way, you look like Sam's SISTER!

    (But Maxville's Christmas Parade? Did you set your clocks AHEAD? A month?)

  8. Too bad you didn't have a bonnet and fur muff to make the picture complete. It was really nice anyway.

  9. Terrific photos - what beautiful horses. And the picture of the retiree with the horses was so touching.

  10. Aww, what a pretty ride! The Belgians are GORGEOUS!!

  11. Indeed you live a charmed life.


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