Monday, November 25, 2013

It's coming!

Tomorrow we are supposed to get our first winter storm of any consequence. We shall see if it amounts to anything! They are saying maybe 6 - 8 inches of snow. I thought it was a bit early for that, but then I cast my mind back to previous years, like...

November 24, 2007

Sunrise, November 25, 2008

November 29, 2009

November 23, 2011

November 26, 2012.

If we had a storm in November 2010, I neglected to take photos! Regardless, it appears that we are right on time for the first biggish storm of the season, so we'll see how it unfolds.

This afternoon, I devoted a good chunk of time to thawing a section of plastic piping that comes out of the barn well and slopes down to the chicken/duck area downstairs. Part of the pipe that is held in place by zip ties had shifted, so that the water no longer drained out of it when you switched off the pump. I ended up with three feet of frozen pipe. Lovely! Nothing motivates you like having to haul buckets of water from the house, so I tried a few things and finally got that sucker thawed with a heat lamp (which I had to supervise so that the barn didn't accidentally burn down!) I adjusted the wonky bit of pipe back to where it was supposed to be and voilà, we had lift-off. What a relief! I HATE hauling water in winter. Or pseudo-winter, since it's officially still fall.

When we got back from NYC last night, it was -12C in the airport parking lot and we had to clear snow off our car. We had a good weekend and spent some quality time with our dear friend Brian. So good to see him and give him some hugs!

I'll keep you posted on tomorrow's snowmageddon. Environment Canada is often wrong about snowfall amounts, so we shall see!


  1. I hate winter....but I do like sitting in front of the fire in my PJs when it'still early!
    Jane x

  2. Well, it won't be long now. The only good thing about the snow is that it provide moisture for the animals and birds. I worry about them when it's so dry and cold with no snow.

  3. LOVE big snow!!!! The BIGGER the better!!!!!

  4. You must be very organized to find all those Nov. pictures. It would take me hours to do that. We have had dustings here in the valley but even the sidewalks are still clear.

  5. Ain't life grand when you have to thaw pipes? I'm glad that you were able to offer your friend some support.

  6. I haven't been outdoors yet this morning, as it's still dark, but when I let the cat in at 5.30am I could see FROST. Maybe we'll be having snow soon too.

  7. It only seems five minutes since your snow cleared in Spring. This summer has gone by SO fast..

  8. Keep that snowfall down, will you please. I must be on the road Thursday.

  9. It's chilly here, but warning to the 60s later this afternoon. I don't like snow, so this forecast would not be a welcome part of Thanksgiving:-D Stay warm, XOXO

  10. Can't wait to see this year's first snow photos from your chilly paradise!

  11. Very interesting as, like you, I would have said it was a bit too early. But obviously not. We got a few inches yesterday (when your storm was due to arrive).

  12. Anonymous8:28 pm

    I'd love some snow for Thanksgiving! It was rainy, dreary, and cold here today. Snow would brighten things considerably. I love looking at it at night when it makes everything look clean and light and peaceful.

  13. I want to come to Canada and feel the weather. I just love traveling. Thanks dear for posting something which make me feel alive again. I'll pack my bags and go to some place, may be Australia, Dubai or.. I don't know yet.

    Finn Felton
    Kopi Luwak


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