Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Prisoner kitty!!!

Okay, so first off, Naomi said I was not allowed to post any more photos of Louise until I posted one of her. So here you go...

My little shoulder-cat!

And now back to Louise... PRISONER KITTY!

For those who don't know, we have a very elaborate outdoor cage set-up for our cats. It keeps them safe and gives them to chance to be outdoors without being run over by a car (saw yet another squashed cat on our road this week, so sad!) or being eaten by a coyote, fox, fisher, wolf, or rabid dog! (Okay, not so many rabid dogs around here!)

They go in and out through a cat flap in the basement window. Louise now has it all figured out!

Smart girl!

When I opened my office window, she came over to visit me.

This the the "tower" with shelves like steps. The cats use it to come up from the basement to the runway that crosses over to the main cages!

Louise is a very chatty catty!

rub rub rub!

Meow meow meow!

Meow meow meow!


"Aren't I gorgeous?"

"Come out here and join me!"

Gorgeous yes, but also klutzy. She has broken two bowls and snapped the ear off my wooden "cow" peppermill. We've had several other near-misses. Lucky she's so cute!

And yes, time to redo the blog banner. Louise isn't in there!


  1. Naomi is too cute :) and of course so is Miss Louise, silly kitty!

  2. They are very lucky cats and it is very impressive feline real estate!

  3. Naomi definitely needs more screen time! Tortis rule!!!

    i love your cat cage. Dad and I are going to build a back fence in the spring (I only have side fences at the new place) and block all the gaps at the bottom so the kids can enjoy our backyard in peace.

  4. Okay, if I come back as a cat, I am moving in !!!

  5. Pampered cats! I wish more people would provide cat facilities for their cats instead of letting them end up as road kill.

  6. It does seem a shame that they can't just roam about. We have foxes, badgers, and buzzards, but have never lost a cat; we've lost plenty of hens, but no cats.

  7. If I go in that cage do I get the same attention?

  8. Louise is a cutie. By the way, I'm a new follower via Bloglovin. Have a lovely day.

  9. What a great series! Have I mentioned I'm in love with Louise?


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