Monday, November 04, 2013

Fun and run!

First, the fun. Emily has something to say!

Then the run (which was also fun!) On Saturday, we participated in the Fifth Annual Heather Saaltink Memorial Run in Long Sault, Ontario.

You can read about it here. The guy second from the right in the photo accompanying the article is our running couch Jeff. The young blonde woman leading the pack (bib #150) is Heather's sister Emma.

Picture from the Cornwall Standard Freeholder

Heather was killed right before Christmas 2008, by a drunk driver who crossed the centre line of Highway 138 near Cornwall. Her father and sister were in the car with her and were also injured. The drunk got five years in jail and a ten-year driving ban for this.

I heard about the tragedy in the local news when it happened. I didn't know Heather, but when I lived in British Columbia, I belonged to the same nature club as her grandparents, who are wonderful, creative, really cool people. I enjoyed getting to know them when we lived out there, but didn't realize they had family around Cornwall. When we moved back from BC in 2006 we initially lived in Quebec for a year, so I had never mentioned to the grandparents that we'd be living in the Cornwall area. Then I saw the news story about the accident, saw their names in the obituary, and put two and two together. 

Now, to honour Heather's memory (she was quite the athlete), they hold this race every year. This year, donations were collected for Arrive Alive.

Amazing that it still needs to be said in 2013: DON'T drink and drive. While you're at it, don't text and drive, and don't talk on the phone and drive either. As far as I'm concerned, distracted driving (texting, talking on a phone) is the new drunk driving.

The race on Saturday was great! I set a personal best in my 5K run, even though the course was quite hilly. It was a grey day and a bit chilly but we were dressed for it and it didn't rain while we were running.

Afterwards there was TONS of food for everyone! Lots of homemade chili and baked goodies and fruit and drinks. You can tell people put a lot of effort into organizing this race. It's pretty special, as I'm sure Heather was.

I didn't take any photos while we were there, but I snapped a pic in the car on the way home. That is not a babushka on my head. Nor am I a turtle!

I think my next race will be a 10K. We have started running at 7 am, three or four times a week. I thought it would be very hard to get up and run in the morning, but it turns out we both love it! And we feel energized all day afterwards. For some strange reason, it's  easier to run in the early morning than later in the day, plus we get to watch the sunrise!

Soon enough it'll be dark outside when we do our morning runs but we've got lots of reflective gear and we have headlamps as well. Our road isn't too busy and we practically run in the ditch, so I'm not too worried about getting run down. I always run against traffic and keep an eye on all the passing vehicles but everyone around here is incredibly careful about people walking or running along country roads. People almost always slow down and pull way over (sometimes right into the opposite lane!) I always give them a smile and a wave when they do this. I even had a dump truck do it the other day. Yay truck driver! It's nice that people in this area still give a damn about their neighbours. :)

Running. So awesome! I never thought it would make me so happy to run. I used to have dreams about running, and I was always happy in them. My subconscious was trying to tell me something!

Sophie has something to say too...


  1. Oh my God, did Louise put Emily in the pot? Audrey wants to know. *snicker* I think I'm starting to feel about walking what you feel about running. I just can't wait to get out there. Congrats on your run.

  2. You did get the best 99 cent app. You win. "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen...."

    I can't stop laughing.

  3. By running you get in a space where you are all alone. I loved it. You didn't think about running. It just happened.

  4. Lol, those videos are hilarious!!!
    Running (exercise) creates chemicals in your brain that makes you happy :) It's great you've been able to push yourself to your goal!

  5. Slightly off subject. Before I was born there was a young teacher in our Surrey village called Heather (Diamond). The German bombers (who were bombing London at the time) often used to drop off any unused bombs at random on their way back to Germany. One such bomb hit the village school and Heather was killed. My sister was born a week or so later, and was named Heather in her memory.

  6. Poor Sophie. I feel with her. Congrats on your run. I am off to a 21k walk on Saturday. The first in my life.
    I let you know how it turned out.

  7. Neat event and hilarious video. Thanks!

  8. We used to love running.Chris would get home from work and off we'd go. Running along the seafront was the best,really energising. Which reminds me,Chris' brother still owes us 10 pounds sponsorship money for a run we did in 1986!
    Jane x

  9. So, it's a dog's life in Knatolee's World? Only if you're a dog, I guess!

  10. You and Gordon will be ready for the NYC Marathon in 2014! Let's run here in the morning on your next visit. Congrats on running to remember Heather and the scourge of drunk & distracted driving.

  11. Hm. There was a film by Werner Herzog in my drafts for quite a while. Your post let me decide to post it, after all.
    Keep on running.

  12. I too am energized by my daily walks. But I go about 11:00 when the sun can get into my eyeballs/retinas as it lifts my mood. I loved the funny clips. You are very clever. Watch out or Disney will scoff you away to Florida.


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