Thursday, November 14, 2013


Check out Louise, who is pretending not to be madly, passionately in love with Rupert over at Katnip Lounge!

But we know the truth!

Meanwhile, Alex is not only not allowed to lie on our lovely handwoven Oaxacan rug, he is not even allowed in this room! Some dolt (me) didn't shut the door properly.

Alex wasted no time!

He looks quite content.

And then Louise was ready for her close-up...

Meanwhile, this morning Tristan scored himself a cat-food bowl. But he knew if he put it down, even for a second...

...Sophie would snatch it away from him. And she did!

Poor Tristan!

Sniff, sniff!


  1. Louise is lovely close up. Well, they're all beautiful critters!

  2. uh oh...Rupert is running for the icebox...he says it's allofasudden a little warm in here!

    Miss Louse slays yet another dragon.

  3. Oh, that Louise. Poor Tristan. He looks so cute with the prize.

  4. Ah, I'm sending 500 cat-food bowls to Tristan!!!

  5. Tristan my love, you do realise that the pic of you is 'evidence'!
    Jane x

  6. Cat food bowl in mouth of dog photo... hilarious

  7. Never a dull moment at your house =)
    Miss Louise is playing it real cool....
    Way to be on the ball, Alex. Go to the forbidden zone--it's usually more fun!
    Ear scritch to poor Tristan =)

  8. With that look from Tristan, I would have given back the bowl (refilled) immediately.

    We've got a valuable Navaho rug. It was so valuable, we would never even put it on the floor. Now, the cats sleep on it... and use it for a scratching pad. A cat "not allowed"? Ha!

  9. Aw how sweet does Tristan look with the cat food bowl?!


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