Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yes, I changed a diaper!

Last Saturday, we babysat our godson Ben for the first time. It was a ton of fun, and I got to change a diaper for the first time in over 30 years. I used to be a very popular babysitter back in the day. And wow, diapers have velcro now. Who knew?

We kept Ben busy the whole time. Loaded him up in the stroller and walked over to our friends' farm to visit the Clydesdales and tractors!

Ben's jaw dropped when he saw the Clydes!

And the Clydes were very interested in Ben!

We also visited the tractors.

Ben LIKED the tractors! Maybe I'll be able to score him a ride in a combine harvester when he's older.

He liked this tractor, but in this picture he was looking at Bucky the llama, who hangs out in the coverall and had just wandered by!

We also visited the new chicks. Do you like the "I love bees" shirt I got him (and the bee hat, too)? And he's teething again, so he had a good gnaw on his fingers while we walked around.

Afterwards he was zonked out for the whole walk back.

Meanwhile, back at the house, he was fascinated by Julius on the other side of the gate. And Alex was fascinated by Ben!

Alex just loves kids! He was following Ben all over the place. Julius is less impressed with them and was just as happy to be on the other side of the gate.

We had a nice lunch together, too.

He can come back anytime! :)

And I just realized I haven't put up my photos from Quebec City yet. I'll get on that!


  1. They grow so fast. He looks a lot like his daddy. I bet he'll remember his day with you and want to come back very soon. Great photos. Love the tractor. I just keep picturing

  2. What a fun day and that hat is perfect to keep the sun off (love the Bee shirt too!) Seeing the horses and tractor reminded me of a road trip that Kelly, Ari and I took to my sisters the summer before she was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. Your photos brought back beautiful memories, XOXO

  3. Ben is adorable; these photos made me smile.

    As for diapers with velcro... When they invent a hands-free diaper, let me know.

  4. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Ain't life grand?

  5. Looks like he had a great time.
    I love Julius perched smugly just beyond the gate!

  6. Lots of fun when you can play with them for an afternoon and then send them back home. It looks like he had a super tour.

  7. I read once that all animals recognize the young of other species. It appears they also enjoy greeting babies like we do.

  8. Tractors and animals; what could be better!

  9. Ben looks tuckered out, how were you guys feeling after his visit?
    Littlies certainly have alot of energy. Looks like a great day, those chickens are
    adorable and I love the Clydes too.....

    Claire x


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