Monday, May 13, 2013

My cats are just fricking WEIRD!

Before we left for Quebec City last weekend, the cats were being WEIRD. By the way, as you can see, they aren't allowed on the kitchen counters!

Naomi is kind of blending in, above, but there are three cats there!

Emily gets snotty with Julius a lot, but he just ignores her.

She decided that the top of the dog biscuit box was a much better perch.

All the better for lording it over everyone, as she's wont to do!

Too haughty too acknowledge me.

"Hey Naomi, I bet I can fit in her with you!"

Then Tristan and Alex joined the party. Poor Alex must feel left out. He can't jump up high enough to get on the counters.

"Uh, excuse me? Can I get some food here?"

Weird. All of them.

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  1. I love this!!! Yeah, our cats aren't allowed on the kitchen counter (or dining room table) either. Just like yours. I have to admit, your cats do appear to be acting a bit weird in these photos. At first I thought they were just acting like cats, but then I looked again. Wonder what they're plotting.

  2. Hey Natalie, your cats are gorgeous and I love your ginger puss.......
    Certainly good entertainment value....

    Claire x

  3. Alex needs steps up to the counter...they were figuring where to build them.
    Jane x

  4. Rosie is a jumper, but honestly with how chubby she is, I can't imagine how she does it. Bailey needed steps, even to get in his favorite chair as his arthritis progressed. I love your fricking weird cats and can't wait that one day, I'll be able to meet them in person. They do look like they keep you laughing! XOXO

  5. WE Kats object to the word "weird". Have you humans taken a good hard look at yourselves, lately? Really.

    As if.

  6. I am sure Naomi and Emily and Julius would think it was weird that you would call them "weird". After all, cats are superior beings and everything they do surpasses the puny interests of humans.

  7. I'm pretty sure your cats are taunting you. Not allowed on the counter? Watch this!

  8. Of course we're not allowed on the counter...Did you mean THAT counter?....NOW we know...

    Just serve the food. Can't you see how emaciated I am?

  9. Haha, too funny! Sometimes my cats get really weird, too. It's pretty amusing :)

  10. Alex hasn't thought of jumping on the dog's back and then up to the counter? Oops...does he read this blog? Expect another one up there soon.

  11. Give paws and meows from "Roughrider" Herman and "Doublewide" Dutch to yours. We cats rule the house.

  12. Yeah, our cats aren't 'allowed' on the counter either... ha! Julie spends most of her time there. We have six (after losing one of our 19 year olds not long ago). Just wanted to say that I love the cat photos! Your tortie looks a lot like our Molly.


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