Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Friends For Life walk was a success!

We had lots of fun at the Ontario SPCA Friends For Life walk in Cornwall yesterday. The weather was cold and grey, but that didn't dampen anyone's spirits, and the rain held off!

Here's the start of the race. Can you see Gordon? He's back in the centre, but dogless. Our dogs aren't great in crowds of other dogs, so we kept them at home!

But our friends Mike and Sophie lent Zeus the Great Dane/GSD mix to Gordon...

Zeus is actually very good on leash but it looks like he smelled something exciting in this photo!

When we arrived, we were greeted by a great group of smiling volunteers...

And so many adorable dogs!

This is Snow White. She is a 6-mo Lab mix and she's up for adoption at the SD&G Shelter in Cornwall.

I saw a few cute Jack Russells yesterday!

And this little guy had a sock monkey sweater.

I took a lot of photos of this Bassett Hound. They are irresistibly cute!

This gal decided enough was enough and demanded some belly rubs!

Intrepid walkers!

At the barbecue tent.

Gordon, surrounded by a throng of fascinated women, as per usual.

Look at these two beautiful dogs! Such gorgeous coats.

And here's Faith the Shar-pei...

Faith was the spokes-animal for this year's event. She spent three years in a puppy mill, and was finally rescued from that situation. A GREAT family adopted her last year. She has blossomed. She's the sweetest dog. We walked her when she was at the shelter, and you could tell she was just dying for a family to give all her love to. She has a great, loving personality. We would have adopted her ourselves if we didn't already have two dogs, she was that appealing.

And here's the Basset again!

And this is Sunny the hound mix.

Sunny spent seven years basically chained up outside with a bunch of other dogs who fought him for food. He was finally rescued. One of the shelter workers fell for him and took him home. He's the sweetest guy and is loving his new life as a house dog! That mark under his eye is the scar left from some sort of tooth/gum infection that was so bad, it basically put a hole through his face. :(

But Sunny bears no grudges and is just the nicest, most adorable dog.

Sunny lives with Brutus, a very cute rescue Dachshund...

Here's the grill team at the barbecue tent!

And Napoleon the St. Bernard, another dog who was adopted out from our shelter. He comes to the walk every year.

Impressive strings of drool!!

This cutie won the "Best-dressed" contest category.

And this little one won "Best Trick"!

Here's Brutus and his mommy. Brutus has alopecia, so he's a little bald!

And here are Zeus, Sunny and Brutus together, three rescue dogs who now have love and happiness in their lives.

Thanks to everyone who donated to my walk! I raised $1625 and passed my goal of $1200. I'm very pleased.


  1. Anonymous10:19 am

    I congratulate you for being involved in such a worthy endeavor. The pictures are marvelous. Wish I were in a position to contribute, but, alas, not.

  2. Wow, $1625 is impressive! Thanks for supporting such a worthy goal and for sharing the photos of all those huggable dogs!

  3. That's great!!
    Fantastic dogs, and stories to match. I will think long and hard about a rescue dog, if and when we get one. Makes you feel good to be able to provide a loving home and see an animal blossom like this.

  4. Wonderful photos, Natalie. Won't be long before the shelter asks you to take the photos for their website, I imagine. Turned out to be a pretty good day weather-wise, too. You guys did a great job raising money. Bravo!

  5. Snow White looks truly gorgeous. Adopted to a good home soon surely.

    The belly rub looked fun, but...

    A photo of Gordon getting his belly rubs from that gaggle of fascinated women would have been more fun.

  6. Congrats - looks like a fantastic day!

  7. Well done with the cash. I'll take Snow White, if you can send her by post!

  8. Fabulous stuff! I love the pic of the two dogs with the van behind them.
    Jane x

  9. That Basset hound is laughing

  10. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Love the pics! The Bassett Hound brought back fond memories of the one we had when I was a teenager--Ralph. When he was a puppy, his ears were so long they'd get into his dog food when he was eating, so we had to pin them up with some hair clips. Bravo on raising all that money for a good cause!

  11. Congratulations! I think I'm in love with them all. I don't know how you can control yourself!

  12. Congrats on raising more than your goal! That is so awesome. This post is just cuteness overload. I wish I could bring all those puppies home with me!


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