Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bloggers meet again

My friend Ronna and I gathered up our other halves yesterday and headed out to visit our bloggy friend Deb from Just Cats and her husband Gary again. Deb conveniently lives five minutes away from a great beekeeping supply store that I needed to go to, so we stopped there first. I dropped a wad, then we all headed over to Deb's.

We had a wonderful time! After coffee and goodies at Deb and Gary's house, we headed down to Beckwith to have lunch at the Ashton Brewpub

Ronna, Deb and me!

This has to be one of the most authentic pubs I've found in Canada. The village pub is something I've always loved about England, and it has just never caught on here. When you do see an "English style pub, they usually don't get it quite right. But Ashton's did,  and the beer was great! I had their very tasty vanilla stout.

I don't know what Gordon and Richard were looking at, but at least Gary was paying attention to me!

It's always a pleasure seeing Deb. So worth the road trip!

Gordon's Dad was a Glasgow Rangers fan, so I had to take a picture of him with the Rangers scarf in the background.

Impressive collection of beer mats!

After lunch, we took a stroll and peeked in the General Store.

And inside?

A cat named General!

The boys hung around outside, shooting the breeze by the stop sign.

The mighty Mississippi roars through the centre of town!

Deb and Ronna enjoying the view. 

I "borrowed" this photo from Deb. Gary was the photographer. :)

And Gordon discovered that a while back, he and Gary were working in the same building in Ottawa, for the same division of government, one floor apart. They probably shared an elevator without knowing it! Small world.

We are looking forward to our next get-together. Thanks Deb and Gary for all your hospitality.

Meanwhile, I bought so much stuff at the bee store that you couldn't see out the back window, and Ronna and Richard had to endure the trip home with a wooden brood box stuffed between them like and arm rest! I had another box at my feet in the front, and a screened bottom board for a new hive crammed into the space between my seat and the door!

But they took it very well.

Have a great Sunday.


  1. I wish I was joining you all. Happy Mother's Day, my dear friend, XOXO

    1. Come visit! We'll put you up and take good care of you! :)

  2. What a fun day. Love this post. Gary tells me now that he does remember seeing Gordon in the building. He thought he looked so familiar. Funny how this happens. I'm just back from breakfast out with all the kids and once again I am full to my eye-brows. We had a great time together and I got spoiled again.
    I'm anxious to try a blue egg for breakfast and that will be tomorrow morning. Thanks again Natalie. Hugs

  3. Our favored pub!!!!!! We had most of the times we where eating there the fish chowder. Out of this world. And not to mention the home brew. I also took my golf buddies there, when we played the Canadian Golf Club near by.

  4. Haha that photo of everyone crammed in the car with the beekeeping supplies is too funny. Sounds like you all had a great time! I bet you and Deb loved the surprise of seeing General in the store :)

    PS - Thanks for sending me that link to Blue Collar Bees. It's a really cool site!

  5. That must be a special cat to have a shop named after it!


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