Friday, May 17, 2013


Look what was playing on our laneway at 6:30 this morning!

Mama fox and her FIVE kits! (You can't see all five at once in any of these photos, I don't think.)

CHeck out her beautiful foxy tail! She looks very healthy.

Now before I get my 20th "Holy predators, girl, your ducks and chickens will all be dead!" warning of the day, let me just say that we've had foxes on the farm since we moved in. We've never had a problem with ducks and chickens being eaten by anything when they stay in their fenced run (and secure coops at night.) When they go over the wall, it's another story but we are about to have the whole outdoor run roofed with corn crib wiring, which will mean the end of birds escaping into the jaws of death!

So relax and enjoy the foxy cuteness. I'm not having them shot, as was suggested to me by more than one of my male friends. YEESH. What is it with men wanting to kill things?!?

Mama has apparently made a den in what was formerly a groundhog hole. Every year we've had a groundhog living in there, but this year it looks like Ms. Groundhog was evicted (or eaten) and Mama has enlarged the quarters to make herself and her babies a very nice den!

The pictures aren't the sharpest, because even with my long lens they were very far off from the house.

But I think you can see how super cute they are.  They were unspeakably adorable frolicking all over the laneway this morning, while Mama kept an eye out.

That's one of the babies sticking up out of where the den is.

I think I'll get up early tomorrow and see if I can sneak a little closer for some better photos!

Have a great weekend. The Victoria Day weekend here, so Monday is a holiday. Enjoy!


  1. Lovely photos. I hope you manage to sneak in and get your close ups ;-)

    We have to wait another week for our holiday...

  2. Anonymous7:52 pm

    That is sooooo cool!!!

  3. I'm surprised she would make her den in such an exposed place. She must know she's safe with you!

  4. Beautiful. I've never understood the "get the wily fox" attitude either...make the enclosures fox proof, and you can enjoy more wildlife.
    Jane x

  5. Great photos and story. Foxes are hard to photograph and sometimes you get lucky.They do put on a show for you.

  6. I was watching a big male Fox in the field, about three days ago. He was in amongst the horses just wandering around enjoying the sunshine. I don't suppose I'll see another one until the hay harvest.

  7. I hope they don't get run over by a car on that road.

  8. What a treat to see this fox family. They will probably keep your mouse population down, and anyway they are just so playful and fun to watch.

  9. I saw a family of foxes on a slope along the freeway years ago. That memory still lingers and comes to mind when I pass that spot.

  10. Hey Natalie, great photos and what a treat to watch them playing.
    Glad your birds are all safe and sound, hope you manage some more pics......too cute.

    Claire :}

  11. Aw I bet they were a lovely sight!


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