Friday, May 24, 2013

Life, death and lawyers

Nice title, eh?

Another exciting day at the farm...

This morning, Lauren the Ameraucana was running around like... er... like a chicken with her head cut off!

Fortunately her head was still attached. But Penelope was in hot pursuit, because Lauren had a JUICY DEAD TOAD in her beak!!

She'd already thrashed it to death by the time I arrived, poor thing. Just a little toad.

Chickens kill me. When they find something particularly exciting to eat, they like to announce to the entire barnyard with excited squawking. Then they act all surprise when every other chicken wants to steal the treat away from them!

Lauren finally found a board to hide under where she could devour her snack in peace...


But it didn't end there. Next Sophie showed up with the hind leg of some unfortunate animal!

Not sure what it was from! Too small for a deer. Coyote maybe? I didn't bother taking it away from her. She and Tristan have cast-iron stomachs and eat all manner of revolting things when my back is turned! I did draw the line at the dessicated dead rat Tristan found last week. I took that away from him and trashed it.

The duck and chicken run is a bit of a cesspool right now. We are having a wire roof put over the run (to stop the damn birds from flying out into the jaws of occasional death.) Of course, the minute they started digging, it started pouring rain. So it's a mudbath out there.

The ducks think it's heaven and they are all brown now!

Meanwhile, Gordon had a civil case this morning that necessitated him wearing his full legal gear. He didn't put on his robes until he got to court, but here he is leaving the house in the rest of his court attire:

And that's some other news. He's in the process of buying himself a building in Lancaster, Ontario, to use as his law office! He's finally had it with working in his tiny office at home. He's buying a really cute old house currently owned by a massage therapist. I think it will be PERFECT for him! The location is great, right near the highway and just 18 minutes from our house. But it's also next door to the greasy spoon restaurant we occasionally frequent, which makes awfully good (if cardiovascularly devastating) poutine!

On top of all this, I am FINALLY getting my office painted. GOOD BYE fugly wallpaper!!!! No more hideous trompe l'oeil book border crapola. Yaaaaaay!

And tomorrow is the Ontario SPCA Friends For Life Walk-a-thon. If you would like to donate, there's still time. Click here!

And big thanks to everyone who has already supported me! 

Have a groovy weekend.


  1. Holy Coyote! What the heck do you have roaming around that kills a coyote? *shudder* look smashing and it's Friday. Usually Friday is the day everyone dresses like a slob :)
    Good luck tomorrow, guys. Hope the rain holds off.

  2. What is it about a man in uniform?!
    I used to be a court recorder (short lived...I hated it) the laywers all looked like crows wafting about in their robes.
    Jane x

  3. Chickens eat toads?
    Good luck tomorrow. Jx

  4. Chickens are nuts. they are not a model of sensible behavior. I would say Sophie has deer bones.
    Good for Gordon to find an office.

  5. Your Sophie is just like our Monty... leg bones a speciality!!!

  6. A day in the life of living in the country! Sounds like another book in your future, XOXO

  7. There's never a dull moment around your house, is there?


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