Wednesday, July 11, 2012

They'll be off to college soon!

Down in the duck and chicken coops, the babies are growing like weeds. Here are the chicks and their Mama Emma. They were having a nice dustbath together until I showed up and spooked them. Note baby running across Mama's back!

 Then the baby thought, "What the hell! Why walk when you can be a chicken jockey?"

Huge. They are getting juge. And they fly surprisingly well!

Meanwhile, over in duckland...

That's Jim on the left, giving me the eye. He likes to bite my fingers.

Mama Ronna and Twitchy. The ducklings are feathering out.


That's not dirt on her chest/tummy. She has some reddish brown feathers down there! We're playing "Who's your daddy?" again!

Ducks are always smiling.

And here's Tina Turner, who hasn't had a blog appearance for quite a while!

And Miss Penelope. She and Tina like to roost on the can lids in the evening. This is a new thing.

Meanwhile, x-rated adventures were going on in the coop!

RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN, Errol Flynn jumped on Mama Emma's back and got his mojo on. IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN! And neither he nor Emma, the tart, displayed an ounce of shame.

I'd say the bees are much more restrained...

... but when the queen bee goes on a mating flight, she gets it on with as many drones as possible.

Life on the farm is never boring.


  1. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Hahaha! Chicken porn! Who knew?

  2. Those ducklings are almost the same size as their Mama!

    Well, this time you'll know "who's the Daddy"!

  3. Red feathers? Oh dear. Mama had a tryst with Beaker!

  4. Oh my, the ducklings have surely grown, but they are still incredibly adorable. And the chicks... oh joy! I am sure it never ever gets boring on your farm:)

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  7. You are running a house of ill repute, Madame Knatolee!!
    Jane x

  8. It's interesting how alert the ducks are when you're taking pictures but the chickens don't care--or are they giving you the cold shoulder? In any case, we love keeping up with their daily lives there on the farm!

  9. Every city kid should spend a summer on the farm. They could save their parents a lot of awkward discussion.

  10. They will be off to collage soon,mmmmhhh, shouldn't it read "They will be off to Willie's fr......n soon!:-) Simply adorable.


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