Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Most offensive spam-comment to date!

I don't use word verification on my blog comments because it drives me insane, and the Blogger spam filter works very well anyway. But today I got the most offensive spam-comment yet. On a post I wrote awhile back about my father-in-law's death, some jackass left the comment below. I have removed the links here, since I don't want to give him any free advertising:

"James Leer has left a new comment on your post "Bye Dad...": 
That is so sad! I'm sorry that he had to go. :( it is never a good day when someone dies. I hope that you were able to find good funeral homes Toronto. My grandpa recently died. It was super hard, but the funeral home took great care of him. Glad that they were able to help. "

Really, you arsehole, do you think I would take your funeral home recommendation because of some fake spam comment you left on my blog post about my dead father-in-law!? I reported your sorry-ass Google profile for spam. May karma present you with a flaming bag of llama poo on your doorstep!

On a brighter note, I got a
ride in the combine harvester this morning. Pictures to follow asap. It was AWESOME!

And speaking of word verification, am I the only one who sometimes has to type in those things three or four times before getting it right? Drives me to distraction!


  1. Ach word verification is a pain in the arse but it reduces crap like that

  2. I much appreciate those (like yourself) who realize how annoying verification stuff is. Yes, I often have to type two different ones to get my comment through. I won't use it, and have occasionally threatened to boycott any site that does. Alas, there are too many good and interesting people (like yourself) to refuse that minimal annoyance.

  3. I always wonder about people and organizations who are so clueless that they think they can get business by brash, intrusive means. This includes all those awful robot phone calls. Are there actually people who respond to that hateful kind of sales pitch? If so, they create the problem.

  4. Yes every once in a while I get spam but it has never been offensive, just some overzealous person trying to sell something.
    I don't like word verification.

  5. Do they honestly think we are sucked in by their tacky advertising efforts?
    Jane x

  6. "May karma present you with a flaming bag of llama poo on your doorstep."

    I nearly choked to death.....Although you're my life saviour against depression! Better die laughing than morose.

  7. Oh, llama poo is the worst. Or so they tell me!

    I don't use the verification either, for pretty much the same reasons. These idiotic things do sometimes sneak through, but not yet often enough to risk annoying the people I really want to comment on my site.

    You might consider passing around the links to that Funeral Home just so we can carpet bomb it with complaints. ;)

  8. Okay, someone called me a pie hole or something like that when I wrote how much I hated the poutine at The Bothy Brew on my poutine chronicles website. I think it was pie hole. Could have been worse. I erased it and laughed. Shut up people, seriously!!
    And yes sometimes it takes me forever to get that word verification correct. Bugs me.

  9. Would you prefer this type of advertising?


    P.S. I hate "captcha" technology.

  10. What a jerky spam comment. Ugh! Coincidentally I just removed the word verification option on my blog. I'm curious to see if my spam comments increase. I've had them recently WITH the word verification on. Huff.

    Llama poo....haha!


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