Sunday, August 21, 2011


I took these pictures the other day when we walked the dogs back to the river. Here's a honeybee on some Joe Pye weed...

Gordon and the dogs wandering through the woodlot.

Mystery wildflower that my friend Ronna will have to identify for me! Wait, it's not stinging nettles again, is it??

Old fence in the back pasture.

Fields o' soy. Future pollinator sanctuary and wetlands!

Ye olde homestead.

Sophie can't decide whether to go with Daddy or stay with me!

More Joe Pye weed in the back pasture. 

Happy Sunday!


  1. Beautiful -- looks like a lot or my walking trails, although most are not cut.

    I believe your purple flower (if is is tall) is swamp vervain. It is a very lovely and not particularly invasive as a weed at all.

  2. Definitely looks like swamp vervain! And that pasture floods every spring and is quite wet. We get lots of swamp milkweed back there too. Thanks for the i.d.!

  3. I love the name Joe Pye Weed!

    Once again I an green with envy. Can I share the granary with my nephew? I'll be very quiet!

  4. I laughed at your comment about Sophie. Our Kane does the same thing...which way do I go,,,which way do I go.

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  6. It is a pleasure to see the pics of the Joe Pye weed. I always liked this plant because of its dusty rose flowers (somehow very Victorian) and the strange name (who is Joe Pye?).

  7. I found an explanation online for how it got its name:

    "There are two versions of how the joe-pye weed got its name. The most common one traces it to a 18th Century Native American medicine man named Joe Pye, who traveled the length of New England treating fevers — typhoid fever in particular — with an infusion made from the plant’s leaves. The other story asserts that joe-pye is a corruption of the Native American word for typhoid, jopi."

  8. Jams, I think it might be a good idea if you came along with nephew and kept him in line!

  9. Deb, they are torn between two masters! :)


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