Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quite possibly the cutest things on earth...

There are twelve Muscovy ducklings and they are doing very well. Mama is still quite protective. When I attempted to pick up a duckling today, she attempted to amputate my finger but failed. No harm done!

Eugenia takes such good care of her babies!

My heart is melting!

If you need a Muscovy duck, let me know! ;)

Time for bed!

They follow Mama everywhere.

Slowpoke! The last guy in jumps up on the ramp. They are surprisingly agile.

All tucked in for the night. "Come any closer and you'll lose that eyeball!"


  1. Too cute for words.

  2. Anonymous11:45 pm

    So sweet!

  3. Oh I wish I could...they are adorable!

  4. cute but oh so bloody messy

  5. What fun - great job capturing their cute fuzziness!

  6. Aww those pics are just cute factor 10!

  7. I have no words...They might never be ready to leave Mom.

  8. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Oh, oh, I want one! (But is it wise for me to have one--that's another story.)

    Here's some fascinating facts I found out about them:

    1. Originating from Brazil, Muscovies are the only domestic ducks that are not derived from mallard stock.

    2. Muscovy Ducks do not swim much because their oil glands are
    underdeveloped compared to most ducks.

    3. Muscovy hens can set three times a year, and the egg clutches
    can vary from 8 to 21 eggs.

    4. Unlike most domestic waterfowl, Muscovies will often fly up into a tree and roost.

  9. Poor little Muscovies, they have no idea how weird they'll likely look as Big Ducks...especially, the males. Except to the Muscovy gals, that is.

    For now? Nothing makes me happier than baby ducks!

  10. Anonymous5:27 pm

    So ttpt seems to be suggesting that we could have 126 ducklings within 12 months (not counting the multiples of our current crop of 12). Guess I better get on those 12 other new duck houses!


  11. TTPT, you are a fountain of info!! I have heard about Muscovy ducks roosting on barn roofs, but ours haven't flown out of the pen yet, although they could if they wanted to! I hear the girls are more aerodynamic than the drakes.

    They seem to like a dip in the pool once a day, but that's about it. And we will take away the pool when the weather turns cold.

    You need a pair! I really enjoy them. They are so different from the chickens, much more mellow and unflappable.

  12. Nance, I love watching them interact. So cute!


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