Monday, August 29, 2011

Get your insulin!

Insane cuteness!

In record time (for Gordon), my hubby built a new little duck house for Mama and her babies, inside a dog run we got a while back. Later we will use it as the second duck house. He built it using all scrap wood, metal and a window that he found in our barn. It's quite sturdy and Mama and babies seem happy in there:


  1. That video is just too cute! Oh my.

  2. What a delightful video.. I bet mama and the ducklings like their new home

  3. Cheered me right up!

  4. I am so impressed
    non of my female runners have gone broody and some of them are 3 years old!!!!!

  5. Anonymous6:47 pm

    That is one nice and snug looking house! The babies are adorable.

  6. Pilgrim, they are just the cutest!

    Jams, Mama was NOT amused when I put all her ducklings in a bucket and carried them to the new house. But she recovered!

    Nance, they cheer me up too!

    John, I think Ronna (the other female) would love to sit on eggs to if I let her!

    CogDis, Gordon put a sheet of steel on for a roof, caulked all the gaps, etc etc. They seem happy!

  7. They're so charming! And what a great home for them. The luckiest baby ducks in the world.


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